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Tenecia Harris | Cool Peep of the Week

Tenecia HarrisWho is this “Cool Peep”? Interior Designer ~ Design Producer ~ Stylist and HGTV Talking Head…Tenecia Harris.

I am what happens when sugar meets spice (and occasionally when naughty meets nice). A military brat who bucked the family trend to join the Air Force, and instead followed my creative calling to become an interior designer now living, learning, loving and creating in New York City. A sucker for all things beautiful: people, places, and spaces, words, fashion and passion. After working for a handful of architects and designers along the East Coast, I settled in NYC as a design consultant for an HGTV show. Almost a decade later, I am now on HGTV (and Travel Channel and Cooking Channel) and I have my own studio – sweet t design studio– for styling, interior, and production design.

Tenecia, what are a few of your favorite things? Red velvet cake, cheese, tea with milk, Broadway musicals, good mystery books & bad action movies, rainy days with nothing to do, warm blankets & wool socks, bubble baths & Baileys on ice (with a shot of Jameson). And laughing… lots of laughing.

What is your favorite haunt?  My living room, my bedroom, essentially my apartment. I travel so much, I love being in my home when I’m actually home.

What handbag are you carrying and what is in it – right now?  It’s an Olivia + Joy camel, black and ivory with gold hardware bag- it goes with everything and fits my laptop. Also always on hand: mini tape measure, lipstick and gloss, pressed powder, Babybel cheese, and my MacGyver/Girl Scout Bag (extra pen, biz cards, spare keys, safety pins, bobby pins, & a paint can opener).

What is playing on iTunes, right now? Actually, I’m more of an Audible girl than iTunes listener (just had a brief affair with the Serial podcast). Music is active for me, singing and dancing along, and the stories are more soothing and mind-numbing. I’m currently listening to Private Practices by Stephen White.

What is on your wish list?  To stay at the Plaza in New York and the Fairmont Penthouse Suite in San Francisco; A condo on Central Park South…. To have a product line… To design Ivanka Trump’s home and Gladys Knight’s next new restaurant set in New York… Oh, and Jesse L. Martin to sing “I’ll Cover You” at my wedding.

What song plays when you walk into a room? What song plays when I walk into a room Either Doris Day’s I Enjoy Being a Girl or Gretchen Wilson’s Redneck Woman, depends on the room.

Where can we find you next? Imparting wisdom (& tooting my horn) at an event for The American Society of Interior Designers in Atlanta; On the tele: either renovating hotels across the country on Travel Channel’s Hotel Impossible or helping a restaurant still recovering from Hurricane Sandy on Restaurant Redemption. And as always on social media: @teneciaharris

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