“We can understand the universe.  That makes us something very special.” – Stephen Hawking

“Think about it, there must be higher love, down in the heart or hidden in the stars above.” – Steve Winwood

Stephen and Stevie make really points- we are special, and there must be a higher love.  We can sometimes be so busy and bogged down with our everyday lives that we can almost forget what we are capable of as human beings, which is living abundant lives filled with peace, love, joy, kindness, understanding, creativity, and contentedness.  (Yes, I did have my extra-crunchy granola this morning.)  Modern life moves at such a fast pace that we sometimes have to consciously slow ourselves down and focus or we run the risk of missing out on our own potential to live satisfying lives.  It’s important to take stock of where we are, why we are here, where we’re going and why, and how we’ll get there.  While stumbling through life in a Forrest Gump-like fashion is one option, we also have the option of seeking help from the experts.  Theologists, physicists, scientists, and doctors have spent a lot of time professionally pondering the great mysteries of life and luckily for us, they are kind enough to share the results of their research.  Here are two books that will shed some bright light on the path you might be stumbling on:

What matters in life?  Is reality just something that happens, and we must then sink or swim within it?  Is it possible to create the world without violence, a world in which we can raise our children in peace and harmony?  Can human life be reinvented?  Why are we here in the first place?  These intriguing questions are answered by author Mark E. Klein, MD in his new book, The Currency of Life: Uncovering The Clues To Why We’re Here.  In this book Dr. Klein explains why our traditional view of life is flawed and has led us to the current chaotic state of our world. Through an analysis of clues offered up by both science and the seemingly ordinary facts of daily existence, he describes an alternative explanation of life.  Fascinating!  Dabbling in the discoveries of 20th century physicists and in the concepts of relativity and quantum theory, this book explores the idea that observing an event can alter its outcome and that observation creates reality.  It explains why our world is but one option out of infinite possibilities.  Don’t let words like “quantum” scare you away- the study of physics might have been an incredibly difficult class you dreaded taking in school, but when its connection to everyday life is explained, it’s so interesting!  Give it a shot!

Life can be a joyous, exciting adventure, but for too many people it becomes a series of endless struggles.  Sometimes it feels like we are doing less of what we want to do and more of what we have to do.  To address these problems, Robert Sidell has written “The Gateway: Discover The Power to Create an Outrageously Prosperous and Happy Life,” and it’s designed to restore hope, vision, and optimism for people and to help them recapture their enthusiasm for life.  Robert Sidell has overcome divorce, bankruptcy, and personal failure in his own life, and now he is helping other people rediscover their own dreams and get back in touch with the power they have over their lives.  The book helps you learn to deal with adversity, banish negative thoughts from your mind, and reconnect with your creativity.  It also teaches about the healing power of integrity and forgiveness, which is so important in order to live a peaceful and content life.  (Who doesn’t want that?)  Give it a read and see how it can help you live the life you’re dreaming of!

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