BEAUTY NEWS: Deck of Scarlet Releases Palette with Vlogger Sonjdra Deluxe

Deck of Scarlet is the FIRST-EVER makeup palette subscription on the market! Every two months a palette is delivered with all the products necessary to create daring new looks. Sonjdra Deluxe’s palette definitely flirts with the dark side of beauty and provides a total of NINE products that walk the line between sultry and subtle, including eyeshadows, lipsticks, blush, highlighter, lip pencils, and eye pencils.

Deck of Scarlet Releases Palette with Vlogger Sonjdra DeluxeUNLEASH THE NEW YOU IN 2017: BE BOLD WITH DECK OF SCARLET
Deck of Scarlet releases a fearless, heart-stopping color story co-created with Sonjdra Deluxe

It’s 2017 and it’s officially time to step up your makeup game! They say that with a new year comes a new you, so make beauty adventure part of your New Year’s Resolution. With Deck of Scarlet’s latest palette release, taking risks and shaking up your makeup routine is everything.

Deck of Scarlet is the first-ever makeup palette subscription. Limited-edition palettes are delivered directly to you every two months, with all the products necessary to create daring new looks. And who better to guide you through your new makeup adventure than a Beauty-expert YouTuber? Each palette features a new Artist-in-Chief, and this season’s palette was created with Sonjdradeluxe– top Youtube artist whose flair for edgy, dramatic looks is sure to inspire you to amp up your makeup routine. Each of her videos is a voyage through the artistry of makeup and personal positivity; “stay pretty and love yourself” is her motto, so you’ll want to follow her YouTube channel straight away! Sonjdra’s vision for her palette was to have endless possibilities, “to be versatile” and to allow for everything from “a dramatic look with the deep, highly pigmented shades” to “an effortless, playful look.” It’s no question that Sonjdra’s daring spirit is a perfect match for Deck of Scarlet.

Sonjdra’s Palette flirts with the dark side and brings on the perfect mix of sultry and subtle, boasting bold, heart-stopping shades including eyeshadows in “Black Roses” and “Maya” (a cherry-red that’s surprisingly wearable), a sexy nude lipstick called “Scrumptious” as well as a decadent burgundy, plus a cheek color, highlighter, lip pencil, and eye pencil–nine products in all! The makeup flaunts high-impact, dimensional pigments and rich, creamy textures for long wear and comfortable application. This palette allows you to transform your look from day to night, or anything in between. Be fearless with color and dare them to take their eyes off you.

For those that are looking to keep the new year full of exciting beauty surprises, subscribe to Deck of Scarlet and receive a new palette every two months for just $29.95. Plus, to celebrate Sonjdra’s Palette (who is Canadian) starting in January, they will also ship to Canada!


Deck of Scarlet is beauty for the bold. Created by the masterminds behind Scentbird, Deck of Scarlet is an exclusive makeup club that gives makeup mavens their fix for just $29.95 every two months. The world’s first palette subscription service, Deck of Scarlet works with a new Youtube artist or “Artist-in-Chief” every season to craft a single palette with the power to deliver a variety of bold, unforgettable looks. Additionally, the Artist-in-Chief also provides their tips and tricks so every look is attainable. Deck of Scarlet is designed with the highest quality ingredients and is 100% cruelty-free, paraben-free, and made in the USA.

FTC DISCLOSURES: At times product samples/gratis are sent for review, color matching and/or photography purposes Any sponsored or paid content will be marked as such. A sample was NOT provided in exchange for this post.

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