Dior Beauty Launches Revolutionary New Cream: Prestige La Crème

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Dior Beauty Launches Prestige CremeNEW Dior Prestige La Crème (Available October 2015)

Introducing the NEW Dior Prestige La Crème, featuring breakthrough technology discovered after years of research by Dior Science. Featuring the exclusive Rose de Granville, the actives in Dior Prestige La Crème hold unsurpassed regenerative powers that work to fight signs of aging and improve the skin’s overall appearance from within.

The Enigmatic Rose de Granville: “The rose is the queen of flowers,” said Christian Dior, an avid gardener. The story of the Rose de Granville began 15 years ago on the cliffs of Granville, not far from the home of Christian Dior. Here, Dior researchers discovered a rose capable of withstanding the harsh coastal climate while maintaining its exquisite beauty. Through seven generations of crossbreeding, a brilliant horticulturist created the Rose de Granville, an exceptional rose with extraordinary vitality. It is cultivated at the heart of the Loire Valley, in an exceptional soil selected for its extreme purity and mineral wealth. In the Dior Garden, near the Château de Chamerolles, the Rose de Granville is grown organically in the open ground, able to fully express its molecular uniqueness and unprecedented life force. It holds regenerative powers that are twice as strong as those of a classic rose, boasting over 400 molecules and eight unique molecules that no other rose possesses. This molecular identity holds the secret to the extraordinary life force of the Rose de Granville.

Dynamic Enfleurage: Cutting-Edge Extraction
In partnership with the dermatology department of Saint-Louis Hospital, Dior Science captured the Rose’s molecular power using a patented procedure, Dynamic Enfleurage. Once freshly picked, the rose is frozen and then goes through a flow of ultrasound waves that places the tissues under high pressure. It breaks the cell membranes, releasing the eight previously inaccessible precious molecules. They are concentrated, pure and intact, in a 100% biologically rich nectar. At every layer of the skin, the Rose de Granville Nectar helps rebuild an “architecture” system as perfect and even as that of a rose petal. Rejuvenation on all the signs of ageing is more complete than ever. The skin is empowered with the same lasting resilience of this extraordinary rose.

La Crème: Extraordinary Skin Regeneration & Perfection
The Rose de Granville Nectar possesses the most noble raw materials. Its unbelievably fine and luxurious texture fuses with the skin and envelops it in comfort. It revitalizes the deepest layers and helps rebuild the foundations of a youthful, glowing complexion. Upon the first application, the skin is visibly transformed and recharged. Day after day, the skin looks smoother and its texture is refined and more even. Its elasticity and youthful contours appear deeply restored. Independent clinical tests reported a reduction of wrinkles by 32%, an increase in elasticity by 39% and an increase in radiance by 47%. In addition, 51% of users noticed a more even complexion, 33% felt that their skin was smoother and 31% reported a more refined texture.
MSRP: $390.00 (30 ml)
On Counter: October 2015
Availability: Dior counters nationwide, Dior.com

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