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CAPTURE_TOTALE_SERUM_50mlIntroducing Dior’s NEW Capture Totale Le Sérum, a breakthrough skincare product that works to restore volume in the face by synchronizing stem cells in all the layers of the skin. Dior’s exclusive new microformulation process boosts the performance of the active ingredients in Le Sérum to deliver unprecedented plumping and anti-aging effects. Featuring an auto-vectorized texture which delivers active ingredients to cells faster and deeper, Capture Totale Le Sérum works to revitalize the skin.

The Capture Totale Le Serum Discovery
As we age, our facial features start to look more tired and more severe as a result of wrinkles, sagging and loss of elasticity. In contrast, a youthful-looking face, comprised of plumped curves and hollows and a smoother surface, conveys more optimistic and upbeat emotions. In developing the new Dior Capture Totale Le Sérum, Dior Science studied the effect of aging on the psyche and discovered that, within the first few milliseconds of being exposed to a new face, the brain is left with a first impression that is based primarily on the emotions conveyed by the face, which are often connected to signs of aging. Capture Totale Le Sérum works to restore the appearance of youth and create a lasting—and positive—first impression.

A Breakthrough Formulation & Delivery Method
Dior Science has discovered that, at the surface of each stem cell lies a receptor connector called the “Notch,” which works to guarantee ideal cellular synchronization. Activating the Notch induces signals between stem cells, leading them to re-synchronize their activity in every layer of the skin. Synchronized stem cells are more receptive, more productive and able to regenerate faster, creating plumper, more elastic skin. In addition, Dior Science has developed a breakthrough NEW process inspired by pharmaceutical methods, in which each droplet in Capture Totale Le Sérum is heated and then cooled to create an ultra-fine emulsion that is 60 percent finer than a traditional formulation. Overall, infiltration of Longoza—the active ingredient in Capture Totale—is improved by 94 percent. As a result, the skin appears smoother, firmer and more luminous.

Dior Capture Totale Le Sérum
The Exclusive Capture Totale Formula: The Longoza-Cellular Complex™, featured in every Capture Totale product, is now more powerful than ever, featuring a new rice extract to target wrinkles by protecting and facilitating cell regeneration. Longoza, a natural plant grown in the exclusive Dior Garden in Madagascar and Kenjin work to plump the skin while Rye Extract stimulates stem cells to work more efficiently, producing cells that create a firmer complexion. As a result, skin is revitalized from the deepest levels to the surface. All visible signs of aging are intensely corrected. Skin is visibly smoother, more radiant and flawlessly firm. Facial contours regain their natural beauty.

MSRP: 30ml $165.00, 50ml $225.00 On-Counter: January 2015 Availability: Dior Counters Nationwide, Dior.com

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