Do a little GIG on the beach…

Those of you who know me – know Montauk, Long Island is my favorite place on the planet. If I could live there all summer I would (don’t think I haven’t thought about opening up Christabelle’s Closet Beachside!)

Last summer, I unearthed possibly the most delightful place to eat – apres beach – and was DELIGHTED to discover it returned this year. If you are heading out to the last stop on the island this summer – it would behoove you to make a stop at THE GIG SHACK.

Right on Main Street (a few blocks from the main beach at Nick’s), the Gig Shack offers a variety of familiar favorites – all with a twist from some foreign land. Spices from Asia and sauces from the Caribbean – the Gig Shack adds a little “je ne sais quoi” to their dishes with the delicate balance of local and foreign.  I LOVE IT!

Though sad to see my favorite pulled pork was ‘pulled’ from the menu, there are tons of new delights that I am psyched to indulge in after my sandy afternoons at Ditch Plains. Their award winning red velvet cake is back with a vengeance and as soon as I am off the South Beach Diet, it will be making a new home in my tum. DELIC! If you get anything from the menu – the red velvet cake is the way to go (no fears – it isn’t shaped like an aardvark for those Steel Magnolia fans out there). It should be illegal to eat it has such a high  “yum” factor.

Family owned, it is always a pleasure to see the smiling faces of Tracey and Arden (mother and son duo who always seem to be on-site to make dining even more of an experience). I can’t say enough – so GO CHECK IT OUT FOR YOURSELF and go hungry – tell them Christabelle sent you!

The Gig Shack
782 Main Street

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    Wow, sounds like a great place to eat!!!! And if it’s CC approved it must be the best. Thanks for the tip


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