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Though born a brunette and one for most of my life…there was a small space in time where I was blonde. Yes, it is true.  I lived four years of my life as a brassy strawberry blonde (not a very good look, to be honest).  I don’t recall having more fun – nor – do I recall getting hit on more or less…so the question still remains – do gentlemen really prefer blondes?

Hair color preference has always been a much-debated topic among singles looking for love. So online dating app,, decided to put this common myth to the test and analyzed over 3 million interactions from its current user base to see which hair colors singles prefer.

And guess what – it turns out that men really do favor blondes, as golden haired girls topped the list of male interest broken down by hair color, followed by raven haired beauties.

Here’s where the data became even more interesting. When the roles were reversed and analyzed the top hair colors preferred by female users, they found that the hair color women preferred most was silver/white, followed closely by none other than grey and bald. The hair colors Brown, blonde and black, which many would expect to top the list, were actually the fourth, fifth and sixth preferred hair colors, respectively. Men with red/auburn hair received the least interest, with silver/white haired men receiving 56% more interactions from women than redheaded men.

So interpret the data as you may, but it appears that men prefer blondes and ladies prefer a silver fox.

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