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C.Wonder store Spring Street – Soho NY

Though I have never loved my name (scream Chris in a room and see how many people say “What?”), I was blessed with the best initials ever. Initials that have also provided me with the most magnificent nickname: CC.  Somewhere in my deranged psyche, I truly believe I am the secret heiress to Chanel (I mean – is it sheer coincidence my initials match their logo?? I think not.).

So I would be lying if I said I checked out C.Wonder for any other reason, but they have a TON of things with the letter “C” on them.  But what I found when I got there was WAY beyond just “the letter”.  What I discovered was a colorfully, ingenious store  – one that reminded me of an Andy Warhol painting of a bag of Skittles being poured over Montauk, NY (don’t go Googling that artwork – I just made it up). Modern prep and a bit of sass; delightfully perky sans the annoyance; perfect with imperfection sprinkled on top.  From a home decor perspective, C.Wonder is –  dare I say-  the love child of a threesome that happened one night between Anthropologie, Jonathan Adler and CB2. Yes I dared to.

With a vast selection and deliciously affordable price scales, how could I NOT buy my apartment some new presents…it is the gift giving season, no?

My Haul from C.Wonder

My Haul from C.Wonder

Do you Wonder what C bought? (ok, lame attempt in playing with words).  Here is what I walked away with:

The Monogram Mug (in “C” of course!): bought one for my man too, so he can cheers to his own initial with his coffee each morning, $10
Ikat Tea for One Set: now I can drink all of the fresh chamomile that I want (and in style), $38
Monogram Pillow Cover: DUH – in “C”, $44
Chevron Notecards Box: if you are a friend of mine, you know I am good on email/texts etc., but that I adore giving and receiving handwritten notes, $48

Though my birthday technically isn’t until April, I am accepting gifts early this year (wink-wink) – these are the diddys I still have my eye on at C.Wonder – they make perfect gifts for your favorite hostess, next door neighbor, best friend or FAVORITE BLOGGER.

Foo Foo Dog Set, $58

Cheese Markers Set of 6, $24

Polka Dot Soup Bowl, $12

Visit C.Wonder in NYC at: 72 Spring Street NY 10012 or online at C.Wonder.

From Christopher Burch – Tory’s ex – knows from retail, as evidenced by his “whimsical” SoHo emporium that lives up to its name; “bright and exciting”, this “prep explosion” of inexpensive apparel, “hostess gifts” and personal gadgetry delivers an “Alice in Wonderland” experience that’ll have you “smiling in a New York minute”; if kvetchers quibble “quality isn’t top-notch”, ravers retort the “mood-inspired dressing rooms” alone “make a visit mandatory”

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