By JackieBelle

This is it- this is the holiday gift that I want everyone in the world to have this year!  In fact, I don’t even want you to wait until Christmas or Chanukah; I want you, as a personal favor to me, to place your order now- in duplicate and without delay.  dB Logic headphones are on the very top of Jackiebelle’s recommended gift list!  (She promises that if you agree to purchase said headphones she will agree to stop speaking in the third person.)  I’ll tell you why I love the idea of everyone in the world owning a set of these:  I have inherited from my mother a pair of supersonic ears whose hearing capabilities are paralleled only by Superman, by state-of-the-art Russian spy technology, and by the common North American bat.  You can imagine my acoustic discomfort in the modern world.  Between TV commercials being blasted every sixteen seconds, blaring ringtones letting people know that it’s time to yell into their cell phones, and ear buds that are made for listening to music privately but are not so private after all- I feel like Gulliver in the land of Lilliput, except the Lilliputians in my case are not so much tiny as they are hard of hearing.  This is reason #142 why I want everyone in the world to have the gift of dB Logic headphones this holiday season- they might just help save the hearing of the earphone-wearing world.  dB Logic has designed the first earphones for teens and adults that are equipped with Sound Pressure Limiting (SPL2) technology.  Listening to loud music over a long period of time makes people more susceptible to hearing damage, and this is especially important to remember now more than ever given the popularity of MP3 players.  SPL2 technology protects your ears from harmful noise levels without sacrificing sound quality, so you can still get clear, crisp sound while limiting the damage to your ears.  These would make an awesome gift- to the world.  Get a pair for someone you care about and you’ll be doing yourself a favor by greatly reducing the number of times you will have to repeat yourself to be heard.  You won’t be asked questions anymore like, “How is that Crystal Palin girl doing on Dancing with the Spars?” or “How come you’re not on Lacebook?”  And yes, they are stylish.  They come in colors like Passion red, Envy green, Sky blue, black, and silver, and they have cute patterns for kids.  People wearing dB Logic headphones are not mistaken for air traffic controllers or pilots while riding on airplanes, so lot of confusion is avoided at airline hubs all over the world.  I would normally recommend something pretty or dangly or yummy for a holiday gift, but now here this:  dB Logic earphones are at the top of the list this year!

($29.99 to $39.99)

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