By Christabelle…
I know we all think we are fashion savvy…brilliant in the way we put together outfits…all knowing on what looks good on our body type…the expert in color schemes and pattern matching. WRONG,  people, WRONG!
I am here to tell you YOU AREN’T!  Taking a quick step outside in AnyTown, USA will bring you to the realization that people either a) don’t know how to dress b) don’t own mirrors or c) don’t have good friends who stop them from walking out in  public wearing “that”.  Well…you might be just A, B and C…and lucky for you – I have the solution in one fabulous British, fun-loving, super awesome style guru and fashion consultant – JACQUI STAFFORD.
Hailing from a robust background in style – having worked with every top magazine, editor, stylist, and celebrity (she even has David Hasselhof fame in Hong Kong from years of hosting her own show there)…Jacqui is the only person you should be consulting when it comes to what looks good on you, how to wear it and where to buy it (naturally at Christabelle’s Closet – where else?!).
Check out Jacqui in her video below – sign up for her newsletter/blog and book your appointment with her – STAT (I just did).  And if you think she looks familiar – you are correct…Jacqui is a regular on national daytime talk shows like The Today Show.

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