A Dental-Mental Makeover with Dr. DiCicco

I am in a sheer panic. Sweating profusely, spitting out what seems like many more than 32 teeth from my mouth. Frantically, I try to pick them up from the ground and push them back into their gummy homes (which at this point have become too soft to re-attach to anything).

THIS is the night terror-esque recurring dream I have had since I was mini CC. With no past trauma that would cause such a sequence to play on loop for a good 30 years, one can only imagine the fear that sets within my whole body when the dreaded text for my “check-up and cleaning” pops onto my iPhone.

“You don’t have to floss all your teeth, CC”, said Lisa, my dear friend and dental hygienist by trade. “Just floss the ones you want to keep”.  Her snark was an attempt to scare me into keeping on schedule for my bi-annual visits. I took her advice and became more diligent about flossing. Day two into my regiment, that damn white, waxy string pulled a piece of my back tooth right off. Yes, only me. Nightmare quickly turned into my reality.


That happened in October 2013. In June 2014, the discomfort had become so extreme I had no choice but to go get myself into that dreaded chair. Fortunately, I had heard one of the top sedation dentists Dr. Frank DiCicco (Central Park South Dentistry) practiced right in my neighborhood. I had no more excuses. And honestly, if anyone was going to treat me at this point, it needed to be someone who catered to cowards; one who would willingly offer me unlimited visits to the nitrous gas buffet.

As I dug my nails into the door frame of Dr. DiCicco’s  2nd floor suite, I looked more like a felon resisting arrest, than an adult arriving to a pristine dental office for a tooth consultation.

My hands were noticeably shaking when I greeted the good doctor. Though my instinct was to yelp out a terror infused “I hate you” right in his face – his kind eyes and gentle manner immediately put me at ease and made me not want to hate him (knowing still,  he might be solely responsible for inducing some sort of pain and anxiety in me at any given moment). I realized, I had just met “the tooth whisperer”…

Then the ‘aha-moment’ happened. Sedation dentistry is not just slapping a mask on my face and making me giggle ‘til dawn like I am champagne giddy. Sedation dentistry delves much deeper and Dr. DiCicco’s thorough explanation of the process (start to finish) made me trust him instantaneously. I even laughed (sans drugs)…dare I say, I then gave him permission to not only crown my broken back tooth, but to also place veneers on my two, upper lateral incisors. Underneath bonding that was birthed with the big-hair bands, were mere “peg laterals” (i.e. in Layman’s terms – stunted little vampire teeth. Cool on the cast of Twilight perhaps, but NOT cool on this beauty and fashion guru).

How could someone as informed as me not know about this?  I have spent years at other dental offices offering my first-born in exchange for any type of mind altering substance to get me through my cleanings and drilling sessions. Sadly…denied every time. Until I met Dr. Frank DiCicco – who single-handedly changed my world and my teeth in just one day.

One week after my consultation, “D-Day” arrived and Kara escorted me to Central Park Dentistry (which wound up being more of a chaperone job much to her delight).

Sedation dentistry begins the day before your appointment, with 5mg dose of Diazepam before bed. One hour prior to your scheduled appointment, a dose of Triazolam is taken and then upon arrival, a powder form dose of Diazepam is placed under your tongue. What a difference one week and a ‘cowards cocktail’ can make…I practically cartwheeled through the same door that I clawed at the week prior.

The end result after my 2 hours in the chair? What I can tell you is I have never had so many compliments on my smile. At least once a day someone comments how beautiful and white my teeth are. Though they were not whitened, the porcelain veneers are so lifelike they reflect the light the same as natural teeth. Dr. DiCicco explained, “There are many advantages to using porcelain vs. traditional composite bonding. Composite bonded restorations typically stain over time, dulling the appearance of the rest of your teeth. Porcelain veneers are color matched to the patients other teeth, are translucent in appearance and mimic natural tooth structure. Results are dramatic and can generally be completed in just two visits.”

My mouth (though never an unfortunate one), has gone from “run of the mill”, to toothpaste commercial perfection. Innumerable people have asked me if I am in love, because I have a certain glow about me (hells ya! I am in love with my new teeth).  Total sidebar, I went to my general practitioner four times in four months about my debilitating chronic sinus pain. Unbeknownst to me, all that pain and suffering was a result of my exposed tooth and nerve. Since my appointment with Dr. Frank DiCicco, I am no longer keeping Novartis in business with my extensive Excedrin purchases.

before after

My advice? Call Central Park South Dentistry and never look back. Trust Dr. DiCicco and his very capable team – they know what they are doing.

“YOU ARE IN A SAFE PLACE…” one candid dentophobic said to the rest of the anxiety-ridden bunch.

I promise you will thank me later when your therapy sessions get a fighting chance to aid in the recovery of another neurosis or psychosis you harbor. After meeting Dr. Frank DiCicco, you might even LIKE going to the dentist. Perchance you pro-actively make appointments now…call me crazy, but you shall see for yourself. I already booked my six month cleaning AND decided to have more veneers added. #DentalMentalMakeover

Things you should know before going:

  • Bring a friend who you trust (one who will not post photos and videos of you acting like a moron on Facebook.
  • Be prepared for a bit of temporary amnesia. That is why you are there to start with! Gone is the time in the dentist’s chair, but also gone is a part of your day post procedure. Apparently I Salsa danced in the room, passed out in the 5 minute cab ride home and yelled at Kara for taking advantage of me while filming me in my profound (albeit temporary) Bell’s Palsy glory. None of which I remember (but thanks to my trusted assistant, is all digitally documented).
  • Take the day off of work (you probably need a vacation day anyway). Though I tend to be a delicate flower…I was “out of it” for the majority of the day and my face was paralyzed on one side clear until dinner time (Kara later confessed, she feared I would stay that way).
  • Be comfortable – wear flat shoes ladies. I fell over quite a few times on the commute from CPS to the UWS. My klutz-factor magnified with the sedation aids. Who knew?

DICICCO HEADSHOT LO RESFrank DiCicco, DMD, is a sedation dentist who performs general, restorative, and cosmetic dental treatments. He attended San Diego State University, with a major in biology and a pre-dental course of study. Dr. DiCicco continued his education at Temple University School of Dentistry as an advanced-standing student before he completed his undergraduate education. Dr. DiCicco graduated with honors from the Periodontal Society and the Stomatognathic Honor Society at Temple University.

Owner of thriving dental practice in Philadelphia, PA for almost a decade, Dr. DiCicco recenly relocated to continue growing his private dental practice, Central Park South Cosmetic Dentistry in New York City.

A member of the Dental Organization for Oral Conscious Sedation (DOCS), Dr. DiCicco brings to the practice exceptional surgical and endodontic skills, including the ability to service highly anxious patients.

30 Central Park South, Suite 2C
New York, NY 10019

Office Hours:
Monday: 9:00AM – 5:00PM
Tuesday :8:00AM – 3:00PM
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