Quench that thirst CLEAN…by Anabelle

Clear 2 GoIf your dad is looking to reduce his carbon footprint, likes the outdoors, etc. – why not give him a gift that will keep his pockets “green” while helping to “green”  the environment. Clear2Go by Clear2O is a reusable, portable water bottler with replaceable filter. It filters up to 100 gallons of water, can be used at any tap water source and one filter is the equivalent of 757 disposable plastic water bottles.

Great for anyone on the go, this innovative product offers these valuable benefits:
Cleaner Water: Clear2Go™ eliminates 99% of microbial cysts found in tap water
Ease of Use: Clear2Go™ can be filled from any tap water source
Long Lasting: Clear2Go™ has its own replaceable filter that filters up to 100 gallons of water. This is about the same amount as 757 water bottles
Cost Efficient: The average American currently spends $1,400 a year on bottled water.

Buy your eco-friendly dad this on-the-go filtration system – even a great gift for your HS grad on the way to college to filter our nasty dorm room or water fountain at the quad water (we all know how “tasty” those can be)!   For a mere $16.99, this hand-held water bottle will pay for itself in less than 10 fills! Purchase yours at CLEAR2O!

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