Custom Hand Stamped Skinny Cuff from Ravishing JewelryEditor Fave: Ravishing Jewelry Custom Hand Stamped Skinny Cuff

What is this fancy thing?

These Skinny Cuff bracelets make a statement on your wrist.  Be unique, remember a loved one, honor your babies, say what’s on your mind with these amazing Skinny Cuffs. They are completely customized and meant to be stacked together or worn with other bracelets. They are fully adjustable, lightweight & super comfortable to wear. Available in copper, brass & aluminum. (Each bracelet measures 6 inches and 1/4 inches wide).

Why we FREAKING love this!

  • Jewelry Artisan Danielle Weitzler, continues to bring innovative, thoughtful and unique gifts for us to share and wear; her personal mantra’s pour into each piece (you can feel the positive energy just looking at them!)
  • Each piece is unique, not one piece is the same.  Everything is HAND stamped in the USA (NJ proud)  –  letter or design letters and numbers may not line up perfectly but that is what makes the bracelets so special.

Where to buy it…

How much dinero you will spend… $15.00


Danielle, Owner of Ravishing Jewelry also created the most STUNNING custom made skinny cuff bracelet for me, honoring my mother who passed in October of this year (**tears**) #touched . I wear them every single day.

Custom Hand Stamped Skinny Cuff from Ravishing Jewelry

About Ravishing Jewelry:

Owner and Artisan, Danielle Weitzler has successfully married Bohemian and chic. Reveal your true unique inner self with our collection of hand stamped necklaces, delicate layering pieces, purposefully inspirational jewelry and hand knotted mala beads.

Each piece has been carefully curated with the most sacred and meaningful gemstones. RAVISHING JEWELRY is based out of the Jersey Shore. Contact:

FTC DISCLOSURES: At times product samples/gratis are sent for review, color matching and/or photography purposes Any sponsored or paid content will be marked as such. A sample was NOT provided in exchange for this post.

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