Don’t Fry Your Skin in the Sun – Use Tournesol SUNPOP Self Tanning Towelettes for a Safe Gorgeous Glow

Leave the Oompa Loompas at the Wonka factory and get your beautiful bronze ON with SUNPOP Self Tanning Towelettes by Tournesol.

No Streaks. No Orange. No Odor. Do you need any further convincing?

SUNPOP Self Tanning towelettes are the most innovative self tanning product to hit the market. The self contained, single use package contains a biodegradable towelette infused with an advanced self-tan formula incorporating AlgoTan™ technology. Each towelette provides a beautiful, streak free, no mess application while the formula leaves behind a natural looking, no orange, odor free, beautiful tan. The towelettes come in Medium (Medium formula is for fair to medium skin tone) and Dark (Dark formula is for medium to dark skin tone).

Tear open the packet at the notch…unfold the towelette and apply to clean, dry skin in a smooth, circular motion**. Wash palms of hands after use. Towelette can be used on face and body and one use per pack. Unisex.

**We always recommend using disposable gloves when working with self tanning products.

Key Ingredients:

  • AlgoTan ™ (AlgoTan™ will induce a tan from within by producing melanin within the skin.  This marine based complex works like a sunray on the skin without the harmful effects of the sun.  The most natural tan is your own tan and AlgoTan™ technology helps to create the most natural looking beautiful tan. )
  • Green Tea
  • Aloe vera
  • Natural DHA

All Tournesol Products are Paraben Free

Available on Tournesol Beauty; 5 Pack for $12 and 10 Pack for $24

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