Wave goodbye to dull skin, wrinkles, and dryness and say hello to Viking Beauty Secrets Reviving Day Cream!

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Introducing a Nordic Skincare sensation, Viking Beauty Secrets Reviving Day Cream. A certified organic quick absorbing day cream with Sea Buckthorn & hyaluronic acid to help restore the deepest layers of moisture, as well as protect your skin from free radical damage.

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Viking Beauty Secrets Day Cream uses unique Nordic ingredients- Rowanberries, Cloudberries, Sea Buckthorn and Icelandic Volcanic Sand. These Nordic super antioxidant berries have been used for skincare and health benefits for centuries. I was unsure what any of these nordic ingredients were, but boy did they make my skin glow!

Are Nordic Super berries like Super Heroes?

In order to survive extreme cold temperatures as low as -50°C, arctic berry species, such as sea buckthorn, cloudberry, rowanberries and bilberry have developed a highly unsaturated lipid profile. Seed oils from arctic berries are enriched with α-linolenic and linoleic acids. The special fatty acid composition makes arctic berry seed oils a valuable source of essential fatty acids and have excellent anti-aging characteristics. Plants that evolve in severe climates produce special proteins, amino acids and antioxidants that help them survive, grow, and repair, and they can convey their protective and reparative actions when applied to your skin.

Key Ingredients:
Hippophae Rhamnoides (Sea Buckthorn) Fruit Extract: Sea Buckthorn extract is obtained from the fresh berries of Hippophae rhamnoides. Rich source of plant antioxidants, vitamin E, pro-vitamin A. Softens and enriches skin cells, promoting skin regeneration. A natural UV filter and free-radical scavenger. Sea Buckthorn is the only plant source, which contains Omega 3, 6, 9 and 7, promoting elasticity and helping skin’s natural barrier against free radical damage.
Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid: Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid has unparalleled skin moisturizing properties.

As a teenager, I know more than ever how important it is to have clear skin. This product starts you off right for years of clear skin without signs of aging. Furthermore, it keeps your skin glowing for a girls day at the beach, watching numerous youth soccer games or even sitting at home bingeing your favorite shows. Wherever life takes me, this is the cream I trust.

They believe that healthy skin is a sign of a healthy body. Nordic people have been admired for centuries for not only how they look, but the resilience and strength of their bodies. The secret- Nordic land is unpolluted and full of truly effective resilient ingredients. That’s why they bring you these ingredients, together with the latest effective way to penetrate into the skin, so your skin can become radiant and well hydrated. Healthy skin leads to a healthy mind, which leads to a healthy body- it’s a beautiful circle!

Viking Beauty Secrets Reviving Day Cream



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