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Vday HER

ENTER TO WIN: Talbots Fuchsia Enamel Petal Necklace (SRP: $60)

Sometimes the best gifts in the world are to you – from you…or in this case, from Talbots!

Now you don’t have to wait for him to get you that stunning piece of jewelry this year, you can ENTER TO WIN IT FOR YOURSELF!

An editor’s top pick for the season, Talbots has set aside THREE stunning Enamel Petal Necklaces in fuchsia for YOU – and just in time for Valentine’s Day. We heart you, after all!

The Talbots Enamel Petal Necklace is a vibrant pop of color, floating in delicate layered petals just below your clavicle bone. A stunning statement around your neck – you will be the belle of any Valentine’s Day ball you attend. Wear if with a white tank or tee for a more casual look – or – partner it with a deep neckline little black dress. However you wear it, I promise – you will get stopped EVERYWHERE…tell them Talbots loves you (and be their friend on Facebook and Twitter).
(20″L, Lobster-claw clasp, Faux 12kt shiny gold plating. SRP $60)


Congratulations to our three winners:

Lindsey K.
Fran F.
John H.

WHAT:  The “IT” Necklace of the Season – Talbots Enamel Petal Necklaces in fuchsia

HOW TO ENTER:  No purchase necessary…leave a comment on this blog and tell us what your Valentine’s Day wish is and you are automatically entered to win… extra entries earned by following us on Twitter and Facebook and sharing on social media buttons (where is says “Sharing is Caring”)…


TIME: Contest is open between 1/31/2013 – 2/8/2013 EST – winners will be chosen at random from comments  below and social media friends and followers.

WINNERS: THREE grand prize winners will be notified on or around February 9, 2013. Winners will be responsible for e-mailing their proper mailing address to Christabelle’s Closet- The Blog (Christabelle’s Closet – The Blog and Talbots are NOT responsible for necklaces that do not arrive in time for Valentine’s Day when winner does not respond or is delayed in responding with shipping information).


** Terms and Conditions – this sweepstakes entitles THREE winners to one each FREE Talbots Enamel Petal Necklaces in fuchsia (SRP $60) – to be chosen by the staff at Christabelle’s Closet – The Blog. This sweepstakes cannot be combined with any other promotion. This does not include anything else, but the above mentioned item. Christabelle’s Closet is not responsible for items that break, crack or get lost in shipment or after receipt and is not associated in any way with the products and companies mentioned in this blog post. Christabelle’s Closet is not responsible for products causing harm or damage due to allergies or anything of the sort, please always read packages prior to use and always use common sense.  By leaving a comment below or following/sharing us on social media, you are automatically entering this contest you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY**US RESIDENTS ONLY**MUST BE 18+ TO ENTER

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170 Responses

  1. Avatar

    My Valentine’s Day wish is to HAVE ONE! Or at least to have this pretty necklace!

  2. Avatar
    Stephanie Gaines

    My valentine’s wish is to spend the day with my amazing husband. 🙂 He’s my best friend and makes me laugh! Winning this pretty necklace would be a close second. 🙂

  3. Avatar
    Christi Clements

    My Valentine’s Day wish is to have this lovely fuchsia necklace from Talbot’s around my neck!

  4. Avatar

    Gotta agree with Linda, A Valentine’s Day wish is to have a true Valentine….Would love to have the necklace which is pretty as is everything at Talbot’s

  5. Avatar
    Becky Laurin

    My Valentine’s wish is to spend a quiet evening with my Valentine, my wonderful husband of almost 31 years. Maybe eating something yummy!

  6. Avatar

    This will be the 36th year that I’ve spent with my husband/Valentine 😉 My wish is to be able to spend another 36 years with him.

  7. Avatar
    Annette Bloss

    I’m so blessed to have the love of my life, my high school sweetheart, my better half, my soulmate and best friend with whom I share my days. I wish that others may also be blessed with an enduring love.

  8. Avatar
    Debbie hughes

    My valentine wish is to spend the day with my hubby wearing this awesome necklace!

  9. Avatar
    jennifer jordan

    My Valentine wish is to get lots of hugs and cuddles and kisses from friends and family.And to win this lovely presie.

  10. Avatar
    Melissa F.

    My wish is to show my friends and family how special they are and how much they are loved.

  11. Avatar
    Tere F.

    My Valentine’s Day wish? To sit across the table from my husband, candlelight reflecting off my just-won-from-here petal necklace, as he hands me a little box containing the perfect gift for the day: That’s right — a Talbots gift card!!!!

  12. Avatar

    My wish for Valentines is for love, happiness and health to those that I cherish… and as always.. a little bling never hurts!

  13. Avatar
    Pamela Bendall

    Love Love Love the Necklace. My wish for valentine day is to spent it with my husband at some special place, like the Peabody in Memphis. with dinner at Ducks. But more likely it will be spent at home, and I will be the cook. Doesn’t matter I’ve loved him for over 40 years.

  14. Avatar
    Claudia Thompson

    Like Sharon’s idea. My Valentine’s wish is harmony for each of us.

  15. Avatar
    Brenda Markel

    My wish for Valentines is have dinner with my husband while wearing this beautiful necklace with a new Talbots outfit.

  16. Avatar

    My Valentine’s Day wish is to make a smashing meal for my darling husband of a year and a half. He deserves it, and we prefer to celebrate things in our new home verses going out, anyhow!

  17. Avatar

    My wish Would be to wear this beautiful necklace out to dinner with my wonderful husband.

  18. Avatar

    My Valentine’s Day wish would be a day with all those I love around me – husband, son, parents, siblings and dear friends. Winning this necklace would be pretty awesome too. 🙂

  19. Avatar
    Amy Remke

    to find the perfect, easy recipe for a delicious family Valentine’s dinner, something a 12 year old would enjoy, too.

  20. Avatar

    My wish would be to think of my mom on her Valentine’s Birthday.Its been five years, and Valentine day is still a big birthday party.Cheer!

  21. Avatar

    I wish that on Valentine’s Day I could be fully recovered from surgery and be eating chocolate again-even if it’s just a little bit.

  22. Avatar
    Lisa McNary

    My Valentine’s Day wish is to give others the gift of love, laughter and happiness that I have received from my new husband!

  23. Avatar
    Louise Nock

    My valentines present is to spend the evening with my 2 favorite boys, my husband and my son.

  24. Avatar

    My wish would be to spend Valentine’s Day with wonderful husband eating a luscious chocolate dessert next to a crackling fireplace in our cozy living room. A great outfit from Talbot’s would be a bonus wish!

  25. Avatar
    Jill Estep

    My Valentine’s Day wish is to spread smiles and love to my boys, Mike, Jay and Jack! Plus a big belly rub for Miss Sox!

  26. Avatar
    Christine Rose

    My valentine wish is for my son to come home safe from his Air Force deployment.

  27. Avatar
    Kathryn Y. Chastain

    Beautiful necklace and would love to wear it to my Valentine Party. The color is just right and will go with my gray hair.

  28. Avatar

    My valentine wish is just to be happy and stress free. I would love to win this for my beautiful mother! She is seventy-nine years old but she id still young at heart.

  29. Avatar
    Melissa English

    My Valentine Wish to have my boyfriend pop the question and eat some great chocolate, red wine, hot tub and a talbots necklace.

  30. Avatar
    Erin Druhan

    For Valentine’s Day I’d LOVE to win this beautiful necklace AND receive flowers from my husband! (He NEVER sends me flowers so that would be a truly fabulous V. Day!)

  31. Avatar
    Nancy H

    My Valentine’s wish is that my husband would be well enough for us to go out to dinner at our favorite restaurant.

  32. Avatar
    Eve M. Branyon

    I can see me wearing this beautiful necklace for my sweet valentine husband. He always does something special for me so looking extraordinary is my treat to him.

  33. Avatar

    My wish would be to spend Valentines Day with my husband. I travel constantly on business, and I can’t remember the last time we spent this holiday together.

  34. Avatar

    I will be married to my high school sweetheart for 30 years in August. We have four beautiful children so I feel I have my wish. But I would love to wear this lovely Talbot’s necklace out to dinner with my soulmate!! Not many opportunities to dress up and go out these days. I hope everyone’s wishes come true.

  35. Avatar
    Anne Osburn

    My wish for Valentine’s Day 2013 is for my family to remain healthy, happy, and prosperous! I will have a new grandson born in the summer of 2013, and I wish and pray for a healthy little boy!

  36. Avatar
    Susan Kovalak

    My Valentine’s wish is to spend an evening enjoying dinner out with my fabulous husband while wearing this great necklace with my new Talbots sweater.

  37. Avatar
    Susan Kovalak

    PS It would make a great birthday gift too since that day comes next week for me 🙂

  38. Avatar
    Theresa Williams

    My wish is to have the necklace as it goes well with all the things I bought at Talbots 2 days ago!

  39. Avatar
    Lori Turner

    My wish is to have a long weekend getaway with my husband. I am an Accountant and he is a Engineer and January stinks for both of us. We hardly see our children let alone each other.

  40. Avatar

    My Valentine’s wish is for my Valentine (husband) to be blessed with good health. That would make so many smaller wishes come true!

  41. Avatar

    My Valentine wish would be to have a great day with the ones I love and who love me by wearing this gorgeous necklace to dinner and a movie of course dressed beautifully in a Talbots ensemble!!!

  42. Avatar

    My Valentine’s wish for everyone is kindness and compassion. If we can share those with each other even if only on Feb. 14th, imagine the positive impact that would have

  43. Avatar

    My Valentine’s wish is for Spring to get her, and FAST.
    And then I’ll wear this pretty pink bauble.

  44. Avatar

    My Valentine’s wish is that I would like my husband to plan a weekend surprise trip, and I would love to wear the pink necklace on our break. Pink is my favorite color.

  45. Avatar
    Cynthia Hart

    My Valentine’s wish is that I would like my husband to plan a weekend surprise trip, and I would love to wear the pink necklace on our break. Pink is my favorite color!

  46. Avatar
    Barbara Williams

    Pink is also cancer awareness. I have a sister that is in remission from cancer and is a widow and this would be a great surprise gift for her.

  47. Avatar
    Molly Vietri

    My wish for Valentine’s Day is to spend a quiet, peaceful evening with my husband and children.

  48. Avatar
    Elizabeth Rolfe

    My wish for 2013 is to have my eldest son find the same true love that his father and I have had for almost 33 years. His younger brother has found it with our delightful Daughter in law., so the our lives would be complete to have him settled as well……

  49. Avatar
    Jan Moppert

    My Valentine’s Day wish is to eat beignets in the French Quarter after a lovely dozen of raw oysters with a dear friend in New Orleans while waiting to win this fabulous necklace!

  50. Avatar
    Elizabeth Burgos

    I want to wear this amazing necklace in Paris accompanied by the love of my life Amilcar! <3

  51. Avatar
    Elizabeth Burgos

    Wearing this necklace while attending the Mumford and Sons concert on Valentine’s Day with my main man, husband of 26 years, the best of the best, it can’t get any better!

  52. Avatar
    Cathi Friend

    My Valentine wish is for peace, joy, and only kind words this Valentine’s Day, at the Junior High School I teach at!! (Not so sure I want to have “love” present!)

  53. Avatar
    Mary Zelli

    To have a lovely evening out with my boyfriend. Winning the necklace would be nice too.

  54. Avatar
    Susan Eggert

    Taking my hubby out for combination birthday/Valentine’s dinner…would love to be wearing this /Talbot’s necklace but my greatest desire for Valentine’s Day is for all people everywhere to learn how to love each other, despite our differences. We are all created by God. As children of God, we need tolove each other as brothers and sisters . . .unconditionally.

  55. Avatar
    Terri Kirby

    My valentine wish is that every girl could find a husband as sweet as mine.

  56. Avatar
    Becky Connors

    My Valentine wish is to have a lovely dinner out wearing this necklace from talbots !!!

  57. Avatar
    Denene Williams

    My valentine wish is a romantic nite at home with my husband without the kids!!

  58. Avatar
    Judi Smith

    My Valentines wish is that everyone in there lifetime experiences true love. It is good to be loved!

  59. Avatar
    Ann Lillie

    I would love to find the perfect job by Valentines Day! Been out of work for too long!

  60. Avatar
    Edith Bauer

    To spend a lovely quiet evening with my husband of 30 years, and our newly adopted rescue dog, Skylar ( such a sweetheart).

  61. Avatar
    Doris F

    I had dinner with a friend tonight that told me she had lost 58 pounds since November. I am so proud of her and her courage in continuing this journey to improve her health. I would love for her to win this necklace to let her know that someone is thinking of her.

  62. Avatar

    I would like to reward myself on Valentines Day with the necklace from Talbots for losing 10 stubborn pounds since November! I haven’t been at this weight for over 15 years!

  63. Avatar
    Maryann rambo

    OH I would love to have that and I could wear it when my Hubby of 50 years takes me to a show and dinner!!! Love it !!!!,

  64. Avatar

    My Valentine’s wish is for my husband’s health. He has had a major illness in the past year and is doing much better. I would wish for it to continue!

  65. Avatar
    Rose Russell

    My Valentines wish is to rekindle my love for the man I married 14 yrs ago…

  66. Avatar
    Fran Filson

    My birthday is on Valentine’s day so celebrating Valentine’s Day kind of gets lost a lot of the time. That is not a big deal because being married to my husband of 44 years is like Valentine’s Day everyday. My wish is that everyone is loved and healthy on this special day.

  67. Avatar
    Jennifer Holter

    My valentines wish is multi-part. I wish for a clean house with all the laundry and dishes done and kids who are nice to each other (because, deep down, they really do love each other, I know this cuz I see it when they think I’m not looking). That’s not really too much to ask, is it?

  68. Avatar

    my Valentine’s Day wish is to feel healthy enough to go out to dinner with my husband, and also, not to have any car troubles, so we can go out. 🙂

  69. Avatar

    My wish for Valentine’s Day is for people to know the life-saving love of Christ.

  70. Avatar
    kathy speer

    My wish for Valentines Day would be to have 25lbs go poof, so I would look awesome wearing that pretty necklace.

  71. Avatar
    Vickie H.

    My birthday is the day after Valentine’s day. Always a day late and a dollar short, as they say…would love to win this for my birthday!

  72. Avatar
    Sylvie W

    I wish my family and friends to feel loved on Valentine’s day whether it is romantic love, friend’s love or family love.

  73. Avatar

    Besides winning the lottery, a beautiful necklace would be most welcome. Valentine’s Day should be remembered by at least one special present! drmrs 2/3/2013

  74. Avatar
    Laurie Hogan

    Hmmmmmmmmmm, picking out a perfect Talbots outfit to go along with my new pink necklace and then an indulgent day with my husband and daughters!!!

  75. Avatar
    Jamie Z

    I would love to go out with my husband but not have to wait all night for a dining table!

  76. Avatar
    Mirelle El Khazen

    I would like to spend the evening with my husband and wear this lovely necklace!!!

  77. Avatar
    sandra davis

    my valentine wish is to spend a family nite with my kids since i dont have that special guy in my life anymore

  78. Avatar
    sherry smith

    My wish is that my hair color will turn out the way I want it!! Oh and have a nice night with the hubby!!

  79. Avatar
    Lindsey K

    My Valentine’s Day wish is that my mom volunteers to babysit so my husband and I can go out for a nice dinner….even if it isn’t ON Valentine’s Day. Winning this necklace would be nice, too!

  80. Avatar
    Candice Hull

    My Valentine’s wish is for my husband to take off work and for us to have a romantic dinner without the kids. And I wouldn’t mind some chocolate covered cherries
    Thank you


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