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The winter months always seem to bring more than just snow –2 from romantic ice skating first dates to budding romances on the ski slope, couples everywhere are coming together with hopes of staying warm at night. With the honeymoon phase, of course, comes gifts just in time for Valentine’s Day. Three women are luckily here to prepare you for any gift you may need to buy or not-so-subtly drop hints about. Dawn Levy has flattering outerwear for the luxurious and upscale woman, Eva Mendes has the everyday feminine chic gal covered and Josie Natori’s elegant sleepwear is spot on for any woman in your life.

Dawn Levy is a prominent outerwear designer with slimming coats that accentuate every feature; the sophisticated city girl can now keep her shape while dressin4g for the snow. Nothing makes a better gift for Valentine’s Day than something functional and fashionable; with puffer coats, furs and leather there is something for every woman ranging from $400 to $700 in the DL2 line.


Eva Mendes’ line is a collection of feminine pieces for the everyday woman looking to dress for work or a dinner out with friends6. Eva has everything from necklaces to overcoats and all of them would make the perfect gift for the woman in your life, especially with prices starting at $20. What woman can turn down beautiful jewelry on Valentine’s Day?

Josie Natori is a figurehead in the lingerie and loungewear department. Her elegant and timeless pieces exemplify beauty and individuality all for moderate prices. Whether it’s a robe for your mom or romantic undergarments for a love interest, Natori’s items should be on your gift list this February 14th.

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