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TV Reality Star Trista Sutter

With fall TV season upon us, Betty Crocker has created Fan Fare, a collection of fun new recipe ideas to enjoy while watching your favorite shows. From talent show contestants taking Center Stage to the vampires on those Bloody Good Shows, this fall’s most anticipated TV shows have inspired these delicious and fun ideas – from desserts to snacks to drinks – that are perfect for getting together with family and friends when the weather starts to cool down and the shows start to heat up.

Betty Crocker is also teaming up with reality TV star Trista Sutter to speak on all the excitement of the fall TV season, including the drama and bling-filled Gilt-y Pleasures shows that inspired Betty Crocker’s recipe for Boxed Wine Cupcakes.

“Since baking is a passion of mine, I’m so excited to partner with Betty Crocker to share these recipes that are perfect to enjoy while you watch your favorite shows this fall,” said Sutter. “I too, enjoy the guilty pleasure of watching reality television and think you’ll enjoy these fun and unique recipes while celebrating festive viewing parties with family and friends.”

To check out Fan Fare, Betty Crocker’s collection of fall TV-inspired recipes, including Trista Sutter’s favorite Boxed Wine Cupcakes, visit

The Fan Fare TV genres and recipes include:

Boxed Wine Cupcakes

TV Genre: Gilt-y PleasuresThe drama – and wine – flows freely on these shows, offering an indulgent escape from everyday life.  Whether focusing on the lives of celebrities, housewives, or bachelorettes, these shows offer an intriguing glimpse into the lives and loves of the stiletto-clad crowd.

  • Recipe: Boxed Wine Cupcakes Here’s a better way to serve boxed wine – in cupcake form! These fashion-forward cupcakes are infused with popular wines such as sauvignon blanc, zinfandel, rosé and champagne – and are perfect for get-togethers with girlfriends.

Viewing Party Idea: Call your girlfriends and let them know they are in for a real treat with a wine tasting at your home.  Betty Crocker outlines the easy steps to follow. Simply visit for all you need to know to host the perfect guilty pleasures evening with friends.


TV Genre:  Bloody Good ShowsWe love sinking our teeth into a good vampire show. Love and horror go hand-in-hand in the mysterious world of the undead as fiery passions and supernatural secrets heat up the night. The battle between good and evil is fun, sexy, and always leaves us thirsty for more.

  • Recipe: Blood-Red Sangria Cocktail This citrusy martini gets its striking layered appearance from drops of sangria-inspired  simple syrup made from red wine and dark sweet cherries (after all, sangria means “bleeding” in Spanish!).  An “impaled” cherry adds the finishing touch.
  • Viewing Party Idea:  Visit for more vampire-inspired food ideas to complement your cocktails.

TV Genre: Geek Chic – The geeks are suddenly chic. It feels like the socially awkward but super-smart set is all over the small screen this fall, seeming to speak a language all their own. What they lack in social skills they make up for in humor – which keeps us rooting for them even when we don’t understand a word they’re saying.

  • Recipe: Solving for Pi Cheesecake It’s a simple equation – mango + raspberry + cheesecake + pie equals delicious. Take a cue from the molecular gastronomy trend and scoop up this deconstructed dessert that literally “pops” with flavor.

TV Genre: School DaysPut down your pencils and check out the shows that are sure to be on your honor roll this fall. We love sharing in the triumphs and heartbreaks our favorite students encounter on campus each week – whether they are belting out tunes in show choir, competing on the football gridiron, or just goofing off in study group.

  • Recipe: Slushee Cup Cakes Go to the head of the class with this new twist on the traditional poke cake.  Two cupcakes are “poked” and splashed with fruity slushee syrup, then topped with colorful cherry or blue raspberry flavored frosting and glittery sugar.

TV Genre: It’s a Guy ThingMen, men, men, men!  Guys are definitely having a moment, as reflected on the fall TV schedule. These men are guys’ guys – whether hanging out in their “man caves,” at the game, or at the bar. But however frustrating they may be to the women in their lives, it’s their funny antics that keep us tuning in each week.

  • Recipe: Double Meat Dudewich This manly sandwich is all about extremes. Two meats – beer-soaked barbecued pork and savory smoked sausage – are piled high on an onion bun with coleslaw and pickles to top it off. It might take two (or more) men to polish off this messy but awesome creation.

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