I have loved designer labels since as far back as I can remember…this should not surprise you, since I own a high-end consignment boutique.  With that said – I also love finding designer goodies for affordable prices (hence – ummm – ChristabellesCloset.com!).  This week I came across the most ingenious way to purchase Jean Paul Gaultier for only $13.95.  

Ok…ok…so you can’t wear it, but you can still feel the “ooohhh…aaahhhh” of delight within you when you purchase this gorgeous designer Evian Prêt-à-Porter version by Jean Paul Gaultier (not to mention look tres chic carrying it around with you!). This year, Jean Paul Gaultierhas partnered with Evian Natural Spring Water to create a limited edition bottle for the thirsty fashionista who has it all, but wouldn’t mind a little more…

With giant crystals revealing a shimmering gown, oversized letters generously enveloping the bottle, and a play on transparency and optical illusions…this special edition Evian bottle offers an extravagant celebration of the simplicity of pure beauty. Magnified by a unique colour so very much his own, the majestic blue that offers a subtle reminder of a famous mariniere, the Evian Prêt-à-Porter version by Jean Paul Gaultier is already widely coveted and will soon be gracing every table. To be appreciated alone or as a pair, these playful and lively objects emphasize the clearness of the meeting between the designer and his source of inspiration, Evian natural spring water.

Fashion designers know that the key to a good collection combines the reinvention of ideas with underlying signature qualities, and Evian® Natural Spring Water is keeping true to these ideals with the release of their second annual designer bottle. Available on ShopEvian.com, these Gaultier-designed bottles mark the second annual release of high-fashion creations from Evian.  In late 2007, the world’s most luxurious natural spring water launched the Limited Edition Evian Bottle by Christian Lacroix, which quickly became a favored item with the trendsetting crowd.  The Christian Lacroix Bottle was originally created exclusively for upscale on-premise venues, but due to its popularity, was quickly made available on ShopEvian.com and has also been found in retail stores across the country since in October.

Bring some squeals of delight this Valentine’s Day when you purchase the hottest bottle of water on the market for your shop-a-holic…Evian Prêt-à-Porter version by Jean Paul Gaultier, ShopEvian.com, $13.95 (Individual 750ml glass bottle).

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