For the Fatherly Fashion-Impaired…by Christabelle

I do love my dad…with all my heart. He is kind, warm, funny, generous, loving and most of all, well – MY dad :). Amongst the endless list of attributes my dad owns (both good and bad), one of the most prevalent is fashion-retarded.  Yes, I said it out loud. The man can’t put an outfit together to savehis life and would spend the rest of his days on Earth very happily wearing one of two outfits if the ladies of the household would let him. This father’s day – give your dad a head to toe makeover like I am! Transform your already AMAZING dad into a GQ Model (I mean…he can’t be too far off…he just needs a fashionable finger or two to help).  With 5 easy steps…take your pop to a ‘whole notha level’!

Step One: Sh*t, Shower & Shave
Now he does probably conquers the three S’s  quite well on his own…but with some of my up-to-the minute beauty products in hand, he is sure to love the indulgence of bathroom time even more.

First order of business – the Poo. Ah, yes…the morning ritual that sends many a running when it is all said and done can quickly be a faint memory (thank goodness). Poo-Pourri is a must have product for anyone with the ability to create – well – stank (comon’ now…don’t be shy – even Angelina Jolie poops)!  Simply spritz the bowl before you go and no on else will ever know. Poo-Pourri is a blend of all natural essential oils that virtually eliminate (not mask) – ELIMINATE bathroom odors. Can I order a case of these pups for every bathroom in my home? The original citrus blend of lemongrass, bergamot, grapefruit and other oils can be purchased at for $9.95 (2 oz. bottle) ; $14.95 (4 oz. bottle).  Other formulas available include No.2, HeavenScent, Royal Flush, Pooch-Pourri and Poo-Pourri Jr.

Changing the way men get clean, the new (Shampoo/Conditioner/Body Wash IN ONE) was an obvious choice for my dad.  He likes to be as efficient as possible…doesn’t like too many steps to accomplish one end result and quite frankly doesn’t always think he needs all of the “bells and whistles” as he calls them.  Pert Plus for Men 3-1 not only got him squeaky clean from head to toe with just one bottle to squeeze from, but also provided a fast easy way to look and smell great. Available at for $3.99 per bottle.

With Greek roots, you can imagine the roots his hair folicles keep.  My dad often resembles Fred Flintstone with his perma-5-O’Clock shadow.  That is why I was thrilled to find a fast, easy, affordable and portable classic shaving kit from Every Man Jack.  The EMJ Signature Shave Kitincludes a Pre-Shave Face Wash (coconut-derived surfactants to cleanse, chamomile extract to soothe and glycerineto hydrate and soften those pesky whiskers); Hydrating Formula ShaveCream (rich, low-foam cream softens and preps your beard for a more comfortable shave with the help of squalane, chamomile and aloe);  and Post Shave Lotion (deeply hydrates and helps to heal that razor irritated and nicked skin). The best part? All the EMJ products  fit neatly into a masculine designed dopp kit…perfect for stowing into luggage or into the medicine cabinet.  Available for purchase at for an SRP of $9.99.

Step Two: No More Tightie Whities
He is clean, he is shaven and he is towel dried…the next step in the dad makeover is new undies! If your dad is anything like mine, his affection for tightie whities  must be stopped.  Give him the option to look cool and feel cool under his clothing with one of  Jockey’s newest underwear styles called Euro Sport CoolMax® Midway® Brief. Equipped with this underwear, he’ll be ready to take on any adventure. The high-tech Coolmax® fabric is lightweight and quick drying; helping to keep him cool while on-the-go. This style offers a lower rise at the waist with leg openings extending to mid-thigh to help reduce chafing. The plush backed waistband eliminates irritation as he moves. The contoured pouch provides support while the contrasting green piping adds a touch of style. We likey! Available for sale at for a $16.00 each.

Step Three: Dad Jeans Be Gone
You have all seen them…at times they are almost as bad as “mom jeans”…they are straight leg, pegged at the ankles, sometimes even bearing the name of a company that is no longer in existence! They are his proverbial “woobie” …you know what I am talking about. His butt is imprinted in them – as is his wallet impression. My dad actually does NOT have this particular problem, as he DOES NOT OWN A PAIR OF JEANS. That is all changing this Father’s Day…since I came across a new jean company that is both hip, trendy, well made and reasonably priced for luxurious, high-end denim.  Enter Cult of Individuality jeans.
Cult of Individuality
prides itself on jeans that remind men of their favorite old pair (you get where I am going with this?).   They’re weathered, worn, and personal (wink*wink).  Inspired by classic cuts and vintage washes, incorporating Japanese denim, Cult of Individuality jeans are designed to look and fit like you’ve had them for years (i.e. throw out the old and insert the “new” but feels like old). Now dad CAN be comfortable and be in-style – he will never know what hit him . Available for sale at for $135
Top this pair of  jeans with a smart looking shirt from (such as this tan split vent THEORY shirt, $40) and the look is almost complete!

Step Four: Hip to the Toes
Dad’s need it all – comfort while he is on his feet, style and sense of individuality. Two words…Auri Footwear. Out of Laguna Beach, CA (which in itself makes it uber-cool),  Auri is an exclusiveve line of footwear designed especially for men. Auri shoes will keep dad’s feet happy whether he is walking, working or even climbing a mountain.

Auri artfully mastered the shoe design that is truly comfortable all day. The Auri footwear collection will keep feet comfortable from the first second they’re on, until he slides them off at the end of the day. With Auri’s stylish collection, there’s no need to change into or out of work shoes or going out shoes ever again: One pair of Auri’s will carry you throughout the entire day. This collection is not only stylish, it’s smart. With moisture wicking, antimicrobial attributes, and temperature regulation, Auri surpasses competitors by a landslide. Forward thinking, Auri worked with NASA (yes, we said NASA) to develop this state of the art shoe technology. These stylin’ kicks are shock absorbent with arch support, not to mention lightweight. The speed of life won’t wait for anyone, so wherever the day takes him, your dad will be able to count on his Auri‘s. Our favorite style for dad? The Auri Gigolo in Burnished Tan (see photo), available for sale at for $200.

Step Five: A Toast to Dad
Now that he has his new look, toast the transformation! Introduce your dad into a new world of liqueur with TY KU Premium Liqueur. The perfect blend of traditional Asian spirits with delicious superfruits and teas.  Clean and crisp with refreshing citrus flavor profile,TY KU combines premium natural ingredients including: yuzu (vitamin C), mangosteen (antioxidants), Tibetan goji berry (18 amino acids & vitamins), honeydew (potassium & vitamin C), green tea (antioxidants) and ginseng, all harmoniously blended with soju, alow calorie, low carb and low sugar liqueur that is delicious chilled straight, on the rocks or combined with a myriad of other spirits! Your dad will be in good company when he takes a sip of  TY KU as celebrity fans of this five-star liqueur include Jay-Z, Gisele Bundchen, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jessica Biel, Jeremy Piven, John Mayer, Jessica Simpson, Terri Hatcher and Jennifer Garner.  While dad pours himself a glass of TY KU (SRP $35) premium “booze with benefits” (only 72 calories, 3.6 carbs and 0 fat per serving)…the illuminating bottle (the only one of its kind) will be sure to take him by surprise – the finale in the father’s day makeover extravaganza!

The metamorphosis is complete – did your dad survive his 5-steps to Father’s Day Fabulous? Let us know!

6 Responses

  1. Molly Janson

    HAHA! I’m not terribly comfortable talking to my father about his underpants..but the shoes I can do! And step 5, the toast, is the greatest idea! I’ve never given my dad liquor for Father’s Day, and I think it’s genius. And TY KU sounds like it won’t add to his beer belly 🙂

  2. Janson

    My dad is in desperate need of a makeover!!! These seem like the best steps to take…especially the last one with the classy booze.

  3. Shanell

    TY KU has a sake too. I ended up buying that for dad instead of the liqueur which I thought he would think was too girly

  4. Gracie

    My dad would love a makeover. I wish I had seen this before Father’s day instead of stumbling across it now. I’ll keep this idea in mind for christmas or something


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