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Topic: FIVE tips to avoid letting financial issues ruin your relationship.   According to most studies, financial issues are the # 1 cause for divorce.

Expert:  Dani Johnson, a personal financial expert featured on Oprah and The View this year, has inspired tens of thousands to pay off 100M in debt and improve their relationships.  Dani’s new book “First Steps to Wealth” is available for free at We LOVE free 🙂

1)            THE ENEMY IS NOT YOUR SPOUSE IT IS YOUR DEBT.  Debt can be overpowering, you work all month just to dig yourself deeper in debt, increasing stress, which leads to fighting that can destroy your relationship and your happiness.  STOP! The enemy is not each other; the enemy is your debt and it is time to declare a war on it together.

2)            LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS, RICH PEOPLE GO BANKRUPT, TOO: Whether you are worth $5M or make a modest salary, you need to live within your means.  For the average American, there are simple and proven techniques that work.  One example:  stop wasting thousands of dollars each month on food you don’t need.  Eat every item in your fridge and pantry before you go shopping and you will save THOUSANDS each month.  I feed my family of eight on $100 per week.

3)            PROSPER WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED: Whether you are a small business owner, an entrepreneur, or work in corporate America you need to learn to prosper where you are planted.  Blaming your spouse, your parents or your boss will not fix your problems.  The debt fairy is not coming.  It is time to stop complaining and get to work.

4)            TURN THE BLACKBERRY OFF: Work as hard at your home life as you do at the office!  Set aside time completely devoted to your wife, husband and kids.  Don’t take business calls or even think about business.   This not only reminds you how much you love each other but will recharge your batteries so you are itching to go back to work to kick butt.

5)            COMMUNICATE AND DO NOT COMMIT FINANCIAL INFIDELITY:  A poll recently commissioned by ForbesWomen showed that 31% of Americans lie to their spouses about money.  This is the fastest way to sabotage your relationship.  Sit down with each other, figure out where you can trim back and set goals for yourselves.  Money should not tear you apart.  If you are open and honest with each other, you can overcome these issues together and it will make you stronger.


Dani Johnson has been using ground-breaking methods to move armies of people from poverty to wealth for more than two decades.  Dani was raised on welfare, pregnant at 17, homeless at 21 and a millionaire at 23 – now she’s a multi-millionaire, entrepreneur and head of five companies, best-selling author and internationally sought-after speaker. She kicked off her early success by mastering her sales and marketing skills, and built a thriving company manufacturing her own nutritional and skin care products, which she sold in 1996.  With a strong passion to help people improve their lives, Dani parlayed her success into a training program for personal and professional development. Johnson maintains dynamic training programs to help her clients decrease their debt, increase their salaries and improve their quality of life. She consults, mentors and coaches people from all walks of life in career paths and advancement, personal achievement, business growth, leadership development, marketing and profit strategies, relationships, time management, wealth attainment and spiritual issues. She is President and founder of, a beacon that assists thousands in achieving their dreams and aspirations, and co-founder of King’s Ransom Foundation, a nonprofit charity dedicated to serving people in need, especially families and children, worldwide. Johnson is passionately dedicated to her faith, her husband, Hans, five children and three grandchildren.

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