Found in the Knicket of Time…

Knicket Home PageFINALLY! A search engine for apps that is SIMPLE to understand has been created! Whatever app I am searching for is sorted by categories and price range of my choosing thanks to Knicket, which has become my new best friend this past week. It has aided in my endless search for the perfect app – so much that I had to increase my memory to cover all of  my newest downloads.  App-tastic!

Knicket keeps it simple
Some app searches can be very confusing  and intimidating (you know the ones!). Sometimes you are unsure which app you just downloaded and what it actually does and wait why is this is in a language I’ve never heard of?!  Knicket offers a simple layout on its website for through and easy navigation. It’s search bar is the center focus of the page and let’s you know exactly what the app you are looking at entails. Since it utilizes multiple filter and search options, the process go quicker which yields you better end result. Easy enough!

Knicket is organized
This powerhouse allows you to sort through apps by your specs, which means you can separate and decipher which apps are right for you based on categories of your choosing. You can search by stars, ratings, price, downloads, release date and more which really helps you to make an informed decision of  to purchase and which would not be right for you, saving you space on your phone for apps you will actually use. Not to mention saving you valuable dollars – though apps might be inexpensive as a one-off – buy too many of the wrong ones, you are burning a hole in your Birken!

Knicket is unbiased
Knicket does not feature app links that are sponsored, paid or fake/ false and does not have any hidden in-app-purchases, which makes Knicket a low risk website to use when app hunting. This also means it provides you with unbiased search results, so you rest easy knowing that you aren’t being conned.  You can shop for your apps based on downloads, not kickbacks, and I like that! There is advertising to help keep the search engine free, but Knicket makes sure to show it is clearly separated as to not confuse users- much appreciated!

Some of the apps that Knicket has helped me give a good home to:

Fashion- I love the Polyvore app I downloaded based on my preferences of stars and ratings, which means many other fashionistas love this app too. Polyvore gives tips on all things fashion – clothes, accessories, home décor, happening trends and you can even shop while on the go. Style your favorite items together and see how it looks on your phone before applying in real life, which is basically the same as asking your BFF for their opinion before heading out, except the advice comes from your phone in a less judgmental tone…

Beauty- Beautylish App allows you to not only receive great beauty and make-up tips, but also shop for your favorite beauty products,view video tutorials and choose from various reviews and “how to’s” regarding hairstyles, nail designs, makeup products, eyebrows and more. Since beauty items can be a bit unorganized, it’ nice to know I am not making a mess of things while still playing with make-up-virtually.

Lifestyle- Social Live is an app that allows friends and family to experience special occasions or events with you live through Facebook. Using video broadcasts, you can collectively share must-see moments, in real time, and comments appear on the screen as they are being written. Social Live makes getting together that much easier, and missing out on special happenings a thing of the past.

Happy Apping!

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