Magic Mix Juicery introduced the “Coolest” Frozen Sensations, Perfect to Beautify your Hair and Body!

Nitrogen “Flash Frozen” Power Pops and Shots Make You Shine from The Inside Out

image003In the hot, New York heat, why not try something new and cool this summer? Magic Mix Juicery’s introduced Frozen Power Drops and Power Pops, the first of its kind to hit NYC. These 100% natural fruit and veggie-based are nutrition power-house, frozen delights that are as much decadent and delicious as they are nutritious!

Seeing is believing, you won’t believe the process to make these power-house nutrition pops! MMJ Power Pops are instantly frozen using liquid nitrogen. This process helps contains all the vitamin-packed nutrients and flavor and are available in the following: Power Quickie – Pineapple, lime, wheatgrass, Power Awake – Carrot, apple, ginger, Power Sweetheart – Orange, Power Liquid Gold – Pineapple and Coconut H2O + Berries

Additionally, the MMJ Power drops are perfect for everyone; the mom on the go who needs to pop a little extra nutrition into her child’s drink, the busy executive, eager to be healthier but unable to put time into it, or simply the stressed college student who wants some extra Vitamin C. These frozen sensations are made with 100% natural kale, cucumber, carrot, beet, red apple, pineapple, lemon and ginger.

MMJ is located at 102 Fulton Street, in NY, NY and all the products are gluten-free, raw, vegan, kosher and, of course, always organic and fresh. FREE of GMO’s, pesticides, preservatives, additives, artificial fertilizers, artificial flavors, corn syrup, wax, pollutants.


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