As a kid, I dreamed of being a kid in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory – why oh why didn’t my parents name me Veruka? Well, a tiny bit of the dream came true today in the mail today. NO…I didn’t have a golden egg laying goose at my doorstep – nor did any tiny orange oompa loompas come racing through my apartment (though my new Verizon phone does make that creepy whistle noise) – instead, my own personal home soda machine arrived from the Soda Club and I have just completed own special edition of fizzy lifting drink!

This holiday season, give your friends and loved ones something that is fun, healthy and good for the environment! Soda-Club’s home soda machines allow you to make your own soda, seltzer or virtually any kind of carbonated drink right from home. This cool, do-it-yourself gadget comes with reusable carbonating bottles, so it’s an easy way to do your part to save the planet. Great fun for kids too!

I am a long-time lover of Diet Coke and Fresca and can taste an impostor from a mile away. I am also a loyal drinker of Vintage Seltzer – I buy it by the case.  But since I got my Soda-Club home soda machine – I have orphaned both. The diet soda-mix flavors they sell are almost a perfect match for my diet soda big names and the flavors I can create on my own (ummm…yes, I already put almond extract in the soda water for an almond-rific delight!) kick Vintage to the curb.  With my machine, I know I am getting fresh – sodium free drinks at the touch of one button. I can make 10 bottles of my choice beverage in less time (and LESS $$$) than going to the deli across the street.  Thirst be gone – this girl has has been crowned the “Beverage Queen”.

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