Get Your Festival Ready Body with The Fhitting Room

With festival season in full swing, we’ve taken inspiration from the best dressed celebrities to plan our workouts (and our wardrobes) for the festivities; after all, our favorite short-shorts are only as good as the squats we did to wear them!

Luckily for us, we have The Fhitting Room’s FHIT FUNDAMENTALS to help us nail down the right exercises just in time for summer. A little about The Fhitting Room…It’s an upscale, boutique fitness studio with two locations in NYC.  The classes are based on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts in small class sizes. It’s designed to give you the attention and education of one-on-one training, with the benefit of a motivating class setting. A fun fact – studies have shown that as little as 27 minutes of HIIT three times a week produces the same results as 60 minutes of steady state cardio five times a week. This means you can spend less time at the gym and more time at the festival! 


Denim cut-offs: With this style (seen on Kendall Jenner), the focus is on legs, legs, legs! To tone and strengthen those gams, we suggest air squats, a low-impact exercise that packs a punch.

FHIT FUNDAMENTALS Alessandra Ambrosio Festival Style

The Bikini Top:  With something as teensy as Alessandra Ambrosio’s festival outfit,  we recommend movements that target a variety of muscle groups. Burpees and Kettlebell swings are great to get the heart going and are major calorie burners that offer a full body workout.


Off the shoulder: A popular trend this year, this style draws a lot of attention to the chest and shoulders. You can target these areas with battle ropes, a great calorie burner that focuses on the arms and shoulders, and rowing, a full body workout that also tones and strengthens your chest.


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