Don’t you love exercising in the morning? Running through Central Park, smelling the flowers, taking in some vitamin D and spotting and many hotties as possible? Ah, yes. Running in the morning. I now have sick abs, ultra-toned arms and a super cute running outfit to complete my fit persona. YEAH RIGHT! Too bad I barely have time to put Splenda in my coffee in the morning, let alone run 6 miles and re-beautify myself for work. The only time I get really excited about exercising/make time to do it is when I find a really cute outfit to wear or when I have a new exercise toy to play with. So I welcome any assistance to help nurture my inner Body by Jake. SOOOO when I found the new Italian designed Mio MOTIVA watch and active apparel line Oiselle, I actually started running! After work though. This gal doesn’t rise before dawn. Sunrises are beautiful, but let’s save that for the top of a hill in Tuscany while snuggling with my non-English speaking Italian waiter from the night before.

The Mio MOTIVA watch keeps track of my progress while walking to work and while furiously running in the park to see if that really wasScarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds post nuptials (love that Ryan Reynolds!). The watch’s 3,500 Calorie Countdown Program encourages users to burn 500 more calories than he/she eats. The watch even monitors heart rate, calorie intake and calorie burn. Because there are 3, 500 calories in one pound of weight, helps users to lose at least one pound of weight per week. Not a bad deal. With a sleek and modern UNISEX design, the watch hardly resembles a bulky heart monitor on a chest strap. The company also launched the MioPINK Motiva—a pink watch to help breast cancer research. Ten percent of each MioPINK watchsold is donated to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Watches are available at Dick’s Sporting Goods or at…check out some other great features of the Mio Motiva Watch:

* Visual indicator of exertion level * Percentage of maximum heart rate * Heart rate recovery test designed to measure your fitness level * Five (5) exercise timers:  Count up, Count down, Count up with warm-up, Walk/Run and Repeat * User accessible battery hatch * Interchangeable watch band with colors to fit your every mood (BONUS Band Included) *

AND to offset my kick-ass workout watch, I just discovered my new favorite line of activewear too – Oiselle! I am not a huge fan of shorts…nor can I recall the last time I even put a pair of shorts on before last week, but these puppies fit my curves perfectly – no muffin top to be found – and they cut my legs just in the right spot for a maximum slenderizing effect! The Oiselle ROGA Short is the way to go, whether you are a runner, biker, hiker or yogi…they are made with 100% polyester knit, with a premium lining, an integrated key pocket and a low-rise, flat waistband – perfect for any exercise you adore. I got them in the new fall color Cedar Green (SRP $44), but they are available in a bevy of shades to suit your fashionable workout needs. Paired with the Oiselle Long Run top in Pale Green(SRP $40) and I am like a new woman. A fit woman. A woman ready to conquer the workout world. You can too…check out the entire line of running apparal and more at

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