In the midst of what I can only classify as one of the most UNCOMFORTABLE visits to the nail place today, I discovered my new favorite polish for the season…something GOOD had to come of it.

As my Vietnamese nail technician, Phuong ,  dodged bleeding bullets from her co-worker (a feathered haired man who looked much like the long lost love child between Iggy Pop and Dustin Nguyen- remember him from 21 Jump Street?!?), she introduced me to a color that she could neither pronounce, nor describe, but insisted I try.

Shifting in a big rolling, pleather chair, I listened to the feud continue clear across the salon – as the owner of the place tossed out a mix of Vietnamese banter, sprinkled with English exclamations like “GET ALONG”, “STOP FIGHTING” and “NO…YOU SHUT UP”. My girl was losing the battle and though clearly dejected from this arguement that had escalated to such a level that the place cleared out, she continued to paint my fingers in the most refreshing shade I have seen in quite some time. And I let her :)

Being an Essie girl – ALL THE WAY…I have morphed from a lover of Ballet Slipper – to Ador-a-Ball – to Sugar Daddy. Today, I went into a bit of a “WTF” moment, when I saw the “yuck” factor of OPI decorating the walls. Not a ‘lil white bottle in sight DAMN IT! Phuong (though probably unemployed now) came to the rescue with OPI “Get me to the Taj on Time”…

Though I still don’t get the name (though it is part of their Spring/Summer India Collection)…this nail lacquer is not something you would ever pick out for  yourself. A color that I can only describe in the bottle as “I was in a cold pool for too long and now my lips turned blue” hue…in short – a “corpsey” purply pink…once applied – resuscitates iteself into a stunning neutral blue based pink that is to die for (no pun intended).

My toes are rejoincing in their Havaianas! Yipppeee! Phuong – if you are reading this – THANK YOU!

Check out GET ME TO THE TAJ ON TIME at your local salon or at the OPI website:

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