A New Yorker through sickness and health, I’ve never been surfing. Every time I hit Ditch Plains, I watch the young and old grab their waxed up boards and head out into the glorious waves…wishing I could be out there enjoying the surf at her finest. I’ve watched Point Break over and over and I am absolutely the most accomplished “faux surfer” out there – I can fake the outfit, the accent, the lingo and even the attitude…but I sadly cannot fake the physique. The only surfing I do is on the 2 train when it makes that sharp turn into Times Square – and even then I can’t keep my balance.

How hot are surfers’ bodies? All that twisting and turning – can we say SICK ABS (let’s say it all together now). But NOW I too can attain the super-hot surfer bod…all while standing on my beautiful, expensive-looking carpet I bought at West Elm – and YOU CAN JOIN ME!  Surf Stronger, a video workout system, created by California natives Scott Adams and Todd Walsh, concentrates on improving flexibility, power, and core strength with surf techniques you do in your very own home. The workouts, led by two-time runner-up World Champion surfer Serena Brooke are simple, yet challenging and extremely effective. The video includes 3 workouts—Pre-Surf warm up, Main core and Quick core (only 10 minutes! Who doesn’t have 10 minutes?) for you to use at your convenience. I’m pretty confident that during my next trip to the West Coast, I may even be MISTAKEN for a native…hang loose!

Available at for a SRP $29.95.

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