energy-clearing-kit-goop-colleen-mccann-style-ritualsGift Guide: Energy Clearing Kit by GOOP x Style Rituals

What is this fancy thing?


The Energy Clearing Kit by GOOP x Style Rituals Colleen McCann

This kit comes with everything you need to cleanse your home/work space/other personal sanctuary of any and all negative energy—all with entirely clean, instantly soothing, incredible-smelling ingredients.



The Energy Clearing Kit includes:

  • 1 bundle of California white sage: Burning sage is one of the oldest cleansing methods; it’s been used by our ancestors in every corner of the world. Sage has a fresh smell that’s warm and earthy when burned, and a feminine energy.
  • 1 piece of palo santo: A sacred wood that grows on the coast of South America, and has traditionally been used by the indigenous shamans of the Andes and the Amazon. Its scent is reminiscent of a temple, with citrusy, pine notes, and a masculine energy.
  • 1 smudge bowl: Shamans have long used abalone shells—symbols of water—to hold burning sacred herbs (the shells withstand heat well), and as a home for herbs post-ceremony, when placed on an altar.
  • 1 feather fan: This feather was handmade, cleared, and blessed by a shamanic healer seasoned in Native American ceremonial instruments. It helps remove dense energy from the body and energetic fields.
  • 1 monk oil (1 oz):  Created by the founders of NYC-based Monk Oil, this hydrating blend potion for your skin combines rose essential oil, California wild rose flower essence, rose quartz crystal, and nourishing organic avocado oil—plus sage essential oil, which has a cleansing effect.
  • 1 shungite stone: This healing stone can do everything from purify water to detox the body from EMFs. It’s sourced by a shaman for us from Karelia, Russia, the only place it’s found, and contains the miraculous carbon molecules, fullerenes (the trio who discovered them won the Nobel prize)

Energy Cleansing Kit

1. Open a door or window so that the unwanted energy you want are trying to clear has an exit.

2. Pick your herb—sage or palo santo—and hold it as far from the burning end you are burning as possible, at a 45-degree angle. Light it, let it burn for about 10 seconds, and then gently blow out the flame so that it is smoking and you see orange embers on the lit end.

3. Place the herb in the abalone shell and hold the edge of the shell as you walk around your space, or pass the smoke over yourself/someone else. (If you’re “fanning” someone else, remind them to shut their eyes, and be mindful of your/their clothes, hair, etc.) With your other hand, wave the feather near the smoke to move it around the room; or flutter the feather along the body. For a body clearing: Bring the smoke around the head, down the torso, and toward the feet—first working on the front of the body and then the backside. Be sure to get the crown of the head, palms of the hands, and soles of the feet.

4. Say your magic words (out loud), i.e.: Any energy that is not mine and not of the highest and greatest good—get out. Please exit through the open window/door.

5. After you, your aura, and your space are cleared, put out the burning smudge stick by pressing it against a stone, fireproof bowl, or in dirt/sand until there’s no more smoke. Then, massage the oil potion over your skin to replenish at key points: your third eye, heart center, wrists, throat, feet. You can add a mantra for extra self-care: our resident shaman says: I am worthy and deserving of giving and receiving love. 

6. Keep the good vibes going: Place the shungite stone near you—i.e. on your kitchen counter, nightstand, or office desk—where it can help neutralize electromagnetic energy from computers/phones/other devices, as well as any negative energy from, say, coworkers or a challenging situation.

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How much dinero you will spend… $195.00 + S/H

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