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Gift Guide: Wanderer Custom Coordinates Latitude Longitude BraceletGift Guide: Wanderer Custom Coordinates Latitude Longitude Bracelet

What is this fancy thing?

There’s one dot on the map that holds more of your deepest memories than any other place. It’s where you fell in love, found your tribe or risked it all. It’s where you were born – or maybe, it’s where you were reborn into a braver, stronger version of you.

Where’s your place? Keep it close to you with a bracelet engraved with your favorite coordinates.

  • In a village at the edge of a jungle in Bali, each bracelet is hand carved
  • Made from natural water buffalo bone
  • Woven into an adjustable nylon thread band
  • Maximum length: 8 inches for tassel style and 7.5 inches for button style.

The Story Behind my Custom Latitude Longitude Bracelet?

I met him in a bar 3 blocks from my apartment in New York City. Although we are no longer together, that day meant everything to me and I proudly wear this bracelet representing the place we first laid eyes on one another. Keeping it close to my heart helps to keep HIM close to my heart.

Where to buy it…

How much dinero you will spend… $22.00 + S/H

Great Gift Idea For: Him & Her

  • New mom? Get the coordinates of the hospital she gave birth
  • Newlyweds? What a nice gift to commemorate the wedding venue
  • Anniversary? Nothing says I love you like giving the gift of “where we first met”
  • Favorite vacation spot? Be in Bora Bora always when you wear this bracelet
  • Someone recently lost a loved one? Get the coordinates of a gravesite, to keep them close always
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