Gift Guide: Speak with Loved Ones on the Other Side

Give the Gift of Spirit with Psychic Medium Francesca KimptonWhat is this fancy thing?

It is the time of year to give and receive. Show how much you care by giving a unique gift of a sitting with world renowned Medium Francesca Kimpton to bring comfort and hope to those you love. It is hard to lose a loved one (I know this well). It is even harder around the holidays. I can tell you FIRST HAND I also know the joy and relief my sessions with Francesca have given to me when my mother spoke information only she could know. The gift of hearing her voice (thru Francesca) was priceless for me. Tearful…yet priceless – it made my heart sing.

They will never expect this thoughtful gift under the tree this year – it is truly one of a kind.
Purchase a one-hour private sitting for your beloved and provide the most precious gift of messages from the other side this holiday season.

Where to buy it:;

How much dinero you will spend… $310.00

About Medium Francesca Kimpton:

Give the Gift of Spirit with Psychic Medium Francesca KimptonFRANCESCA KIMPTON is a highly respected English medium and healer whose reputation for accuracy has been demonstrated thousands of times to private clients and radio and television audiences around the world. She was the first medium to have her own successful live and unedited UK television series Revelations. She has been featured on a number of other television documentaries and radio shows such as Princess Diana and the Psychics, Carlton News, the Zoh Show, Talk America, and many others. She was a regular guest on Mike Allen’s Saturday night radio show on LBC who registered a record number of callers each time she was on the air.

Hailed as the best medium in the UK, when she moved to the United States, Francesca quickly developed her reputation for talent and integrity in her new home. She lives and spends most of her time in Los Angeles, and regularly visits New York, Florida, Kentucky, and Northern California, sharing her gifts through teaching, lecturing, demonstrations — and of course private sittings.

Her clients have come to trust and rely on her evidence from the spirit world which proves beyond doubt the existence of an afterlife. Francesca is known for giving an unparalleled level of detail in her work leaving the recipient in no doubt about the messages and information they are receiving from spirit.
Her sittings are often life changing events for the client presented in a remarkably compassionate, patient and empathic manner. Her clientele come from all walks of life and she also has a large client base in the media and entertainment industry.

Francesca’s private sittings differ significantly from the work of other mediums, in that in addition to giving accurate evidence of spirit communication, she works in a practical way with spirit and clients, providing insight to help people in their present day lives. Her clients report that the contact not only gives them substantial spiritual peace, but also renewed energy to redirect their lives in the right direction.

Another aspect of Francesca’s work involves corporate clairvoyance where she uses her abilities to assist corporations to be more productive and harmonious, with an emphasis on recruitment. Leading corporations also employ her to teach stress reduction by integrating spiritual aspects into everyday life.

As a registered healer, a large aspect of her work focuses on teaching people how to heal themselves using various techniques she has personally developed over the course of her career.

She lectures regularly at various venues and is a keynote speaker for the Learning Annex in the USA and speaks at major conventions in the Body / Mind / Spirit community as well as events such as the Women in Business Convention and the Times Crème de la Crème Convention and many others.

Francesca conducts workshops and seminars on mediumship and personal development. Her workshops are lively and enjoyable as well as practical and interactive.

Francesca has appeared regularly in the national press in the UK where she has built up a good reputation with journalists who appreciate her very grounded and pragmatic approach to her work.
She writes for business publications on topics such as communication, and self-improvement.

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