Gadgets Galore for Your Grad…by Christabelle

In order to graduate from the University of Rhode Island, I needed to finish a 25 page term paper…the topic escapes me now (since it was 100 years ago)…but what happened to me at 3 AM will stick with me for life.  Sitting in my sorority chapter room,  I typed the final few sentences on my word processor (am I dating myself?) feeling accomplished, preparing smugly for my “A”, when I kicked the plug out of the wall.  No auto save…no nothing. My paper was LOST.  As I cried my eyes out…pulled out a few hairs…and downed a bottle of tequila – I prayed there was some sort of back-up system on my WP – needless to say – there was not.  Arm and protect your favorite college bound graduate with some fabulous new gadgets that will not only SAVE their work (and lives), but enhance their presentations and keep their systems running smooth as butter.  I smell a 4.0…

Baby got back…or at least baby got backed up with Segate Replica Complete PC Backup Systems.  No more stacks of disks, flash drives and CD’ s cluttering their desk, book bag and shelves!  The Replica by Seagate continuously stores up-to-date copies of EVERYTHING on your PC.  Your graduate will never have an issue with lost papers, photos, music, or videos, but will also NEVER have to worry about computer crashes, hardware failure, accidental file deletion and evil viruses. Seagate Replica copies it all (including your operating system, programs and other software). If you have an issue you can simply restore your entire PC to a previous point in time when your computer was error-free, without having to spend countless hours of reconfiguring settings and applying applications that are confusing and time consuming. Just connect your Replica via USB cable and click a few buttons. It is truly that simple and is the life preserver for anyone who owns a computer. With a SRP of $130 – The Seagate Replica Complete PC Backup (250 GB) can be the difference between keeping your sanity and being committed to a padded cell – well worth the money for sure. They even have a multi PC (500 GB) version that comes with a docking station.

Now that their information is vaulted – protect the actual laptop and keep it cool!  iHome’s Laptop Cooling Pad is a must have gadget that houses 2 built-in fans to keep your laptop from overheating.  Powered directly from your notebook’s USB port (so no batteries, plug ins etc needed), the iHome’s Laptop Cooling Pad  provides continuous air flow under your notebook that gives your machine maximum performance while keeping it chilled.  Sort of like a compact air conditioner, but for your PC.  Completely portable and lightweight, the compartment underneath the cooling pad stows the USB cable for convenient packing and traveling. With a suggested retail price of $29.99 – this adjustable cooling pad can fit any size laptop with a secure fit and a promise of cooling circulation…a grad gotta-have-it!

Late night study groups always have one thing in common – CAFFEINE. Whether it is a bottom-less mug of java or a beloved Red Bull – these tasty jolting treats have a high risk of spillage (especially into the wee hours of the night).  Forget the pages of your textbook being stuck together – what about your mouse and keyboard! In most cases – this would be a “fried” nightmare. But not if your accessories are made by Unotron! Waterproof – Spillseal Technology and Germ Proof – Unotron is keeping students happy on campuses across the nation. Unotron’s latest washable keyboard even has an antimicrobial additive in the plastic to protect the product. The GermStopper SpillSeal® Washable corded keyboard is washable by design encouraging to wipe, wash and sterilize their keyboards to help “stop germs”.  SpillSeal®  keyboards feature a hermetically sealed casings that prevent solid matter and fluids from entering the keyboard where they cannot be flushed out. The Scroll Seal Washable Optical Mouse has all of the functions of a regular mouse, but has a sealed structure that lets you wash and sterlize it. It can even withstand being immersed in antibacterial solutions and rinsed under your kitchen sink! WOW…no more germs spread from your dirty roommate’s paws…SRP $45.99 (keyboard); $69.99 (mouse) at

Class presentations ain’t what they used to be…long gone are the posterboard presentations and zerox copied handouts.  Presentations have become more and more technologically competitive, so arm your grad with tools that will help to not only impress the crowd, but also help to create a concise and thorough demonstation of work. Canson’s PAPERSHOW is a revolutionary Plug&Play solution which makes it possible to project one’s handwritten notes directly on a screen! VERY COOL TO SAY THE LEAST!  The PAPERSHOW solution contains the special interactive paper, the digital pen and the USB key which contains the software for an easy way to WOW your audience. With just a few short steps your grad can be well on their way to communication in the 21st Century by using a Bluetooth connection embedded right into the pen and USB key!  Transmitting up to 6 meters away, PaperShow can be used for a small classroom presentation and a large auditorium sized audience.  Standing or facing the audience, you write on the PAPERSHOW interactive paper and instantaneously your notes are displayed on a large screen – so Copperfield! Want to share your presentation and/or meeting notes with a group? Easy as pie with the command “e-mail” automatically creates a message with your document as an attachment. All you have to do is insert the names of the recipients…talk about blowing your professor out the door. Know a recent college graduate? Won’t their new employer be impressed in their first marketing meeting, when PAPERSHOW gets whipped out…an “A” and schmoozing your new boss seem well worth the $199 price tag at

If you are looking for a sleeker way to make a more traditional demonstration, iHome makes a powerful 2.4 GHz Wireless Presenter (available in black and white).  Simply, insert the mini USB receiver into your  notebook’s USB port and you’re ready go without synching the presenter and the receiver. 2.4 GHz frequency provides an instant and secure connection without interference from other electronic devices up to 30ft. That means you can dance around the room all you want as you give  your power point  presentation.  Including commands like next/previous slide, black screen and more, iHome gives  you a powerful and professional way to get your message out there, all at your fingertips. BONUS:  The built-in laser point allows you to point at specific information in your presentation enabling the audience to easily see in a dark environment.  With a suggested retail price of $70, it is a small price to pay to have the whole world (or at least your whole presentation) at your fingertips from across the room! Available at

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