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The much anticipated BCS National Chamionship Game is tonight and I am ready to cheer on the FIGHTING IRISH!



You can take the girl away from the cheerleading squad, but you can NEVER take the cheerleader out of the girl (especially when that particular girl was a varsity cheerleader for 6 years of her life). I didn’t make it to Miami to watch the game live, so I will be watching under frigid winter conditions. Not to fear – I made a pair of “good luck” spirit gloves to help hail the Leprechauns to victory.

Tonight, let us all drink a bottle or two of Guinness Stout and perhaps down a shot of Jameson all in honor of NDFB and them bringing home the prize to South Bend…What are YOU doing for the big game (and you best be a ND fan!)…

christina carathanassis

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