De-Fuzz for the Season…by TeenieBelle

Barbasol Pure Silk Shave Cream

Barbasol Pure Silk Shave Cream

Summer is almost officially here and my beach-bound weekends in Avalon, NJ have begun. With an Italian background, I can be sure that my hair will be full and curly as I tan myself this season. That includes ALL of my hair – yikes. So I am taking the necessary steps to rid the fuzz and be silky smooth in my new animal print DKNY bikini!

As layers of clothing slowly come off piece by piece,  having well-shaven, smooth legs has never been more important. Girls, don’t get caught with unsightly red razor bumps or hairy “stems” this season. Pure Silk® Shave Cream by Barbasol will keep your legs ready for the spotlight and prepared for ultimate exposure all season long.

Pure Silk® Shave Cream is available in six fun scented “cool” formulas that contain skin conditioners and emollients to protect skin from the razor’s edge.  The ingredients in each formula work to reduce friction from the razor blade and help you get a smoother, more comfortable shave in these sensitive areas.  That means gorgeous, silky smooth gams all summer long. Hip-Hip Hooray!

With a myriad of “flavors” to choose from – your legs will be drunk on a shaving cream cocktail every time you shower! From Raspberry Mist, Citrus Zest and Melon Splash-to-Plumeria, Coconut & Oat Flour and Peaches & Cream your legs will be howling in happiness! 

 Pure Silk Shave Cream will help ensure that your skin is soft, smooth and hair-free this summer.  Now the only thing you have to worry about is which swimsuit to break in first! 

Pure Silk® Shave Cream is available in drugstores and mass merchandise stores nationwide for a SRP of $2.50

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