One Man Sums up Being Grateful to 2016 In the Most BEAUTIFUL Way

Words From my Friend Michael Cooper that Changed my Tune

#F*CK2016 has been an ongoing theme this year…and I would be a liar if I said I didn’t chime in to agree here and there. 2016 has not been the easiest year. And we all had our own, individual reasons for thinking that.

But when I saw this post on Facebook from my dear friend Michael Cooper, I realized I should actually count the blessings that 2016 gave to me – rather than spit upon what it took away.

Inspired by Mr. Cooper, a short list of what I am thankful to 2016 for:

  • 7 magical months with an amazing man who loved me for just me.
  • 9.5 precious months with my mother before she passed.
  • 10 hard working months at a new (awesome) job.
  • 1 apology I never thought I would ever get (not in a million years).
  • 1000 times when I said “I can’t do this anymore – I am not strong enough” and yet,  I did and I was.
  • 1 million tears cried  – none of which drowned me.
  • 1 billion sets of hands that kept me from falling to the ground on my worst days;  love, support, hugs, kisses, laughs, tears and the fantastic, glorious, pure soul people I shared those moments with…
  • 1 light at the end of the tunnel that was never snuffed out.
  • Too many “near miss” accidents and incidents that could have taken people I love from me – that very thankfully DID NOT.

Indeed, perhaps I am VERY grateful for 2016.

May Michael’s sweet and touching words help for you to create a thankful message to 2016.

the real meaning of life and being grateful

This photo about sums up #2016 for me:

#HoldOn: hold on to love, to health, to friendship, to collaboration, to each other.

#ReachOut: reach out to lend support, encouragement, laughter, a helping hand.

#LetGo: let go to trying to control everything, surrender to the expertise of others, trust that these bonds that so intimately and intricately connect us will CONTINUE to connect us, even after we let go.

In so many ways, 2016 was the best year ever – because there was new music, new experiences, new challenges, new moments of recognizing that we are ALL capable of so much more than we thought we were – at this same time – last year.

#HappyNewYear  #TimeToDrinkPinkChampagne

Michael Cooper headShot

Quote Credit: Michael Cooper


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