Phil and I were bored one day when we were playing up in the mountains for a weekend sojourn and we decided to have a bake-off. I created delicious almond poppy muffins and he made chocolate chip cookies…laced with bacon. Yes, bacon…the egg and cheese at Denny’s kind of BACON!  Needless to say, I thought he was insane and momentarily stuck my nose up in the air when the tried to get me to test-drive one. Then the irrisistable smell of chocolate and bacon wafted into my nostrils…and my mouth started to water…and it was all over from there. They were HEAVENLY.

Which then got me thinking…what else can you put bacon in?  My google search brought me straight to where I was greeted by the words “Bacon is Meat Candy”…ain’t that the truth.

Whether you’re a recent “bacon-vert” or a well experienced “Bacon-noisseur” or even a “Bacon-ista” this is the website for you. With a bevy of bacon related items, articles, and products – you will be as happy as, well, a pig in poo. If your Valentine is a lover of swine, give them the gift of a Bacon Club 12-month membership (2 packages of the finest bacon delivered each month for $395 ), send a Bacon Basket (starting at $59.95) or purchase a novelty item, like bacon band-aids (all of the fun and none of the fat!)!  You can even surprise your sweetie with a breakfast in bed made for a King of the Boars with Bacon Freak’s Maple Bacon Pancake Mix. Hickory smoked bacon and maple chunks are mixed into the batter mixing the sweetness of maple with the smokiness of bacon into the perfect pancake! All in one easy to make package and for only $7.95…Finally a pancake mix that is bold enough to say eat me!

And if beef is more up your sweetie’s alley…and you live in the New York area… burgers might just be what you are looking for.

New York Burger Company will be offering The Burger Bouquet, a riff on the traditional box of chocolates: a sampler-style box containing a selection of three of their most popular mini-burgers (Chicago Burger, Dallas Burger & Seattle Burger), three signature dipping sauces, homemade potato chips, and a brownie. It even comes with a personalized, hand-written Valentine note.

For only $25, it’s one of the most unexpected gifts you can give. Perfect to be delivered to an office around lunchtime or at home for a cozy meal in. It’s also a great option when you’re in a new relationship, where you want to say something, but don’t want to say too much. Say it with a Burger Bouquet!

You can place your order by calling New York Burger Company at 212-229-1404 (6th Ave. location) or 212-254-2727 (Park Ave. location). Your burger surprise will be delivered on February 13 or 14 between 11:00AM and 8:00PM.

Happy Meat Eating!

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