When I link the term ‘pristine’ to an actual place, only one comes to mind- Montauk, Long Island. A place that is rustic yet lavish; air so fresh it totally engulfs you in all its warm summer glory- a 50 on a scale from 1-10. Ad if you are a long time reader of my blog, you know my love affair with this quaint village began back in the 1980’s when my parent’s bought a place on Fort Pond Bay.

Best In: Montauk –  The Driftwood Resort on the Ocean

Driftwood Montauk

With heavy heart, our property sold last year, but my yearning for my days on the east end did not cease. With great delight, I have found my NEXT heaven on earth at The Driftwood Resort. Tucked off of 27 East, across from famed Cyrils Fish House, I have passed this oasis innumerable times en route to MTK, but only until now realized its beauty, style and breathtaking grounds. This property, a hidden gem on the border of Napeague and Montauk,  has cemented my lifelong tradition of sojourning east every summer and I will no doubt be residing at this divine resort when I do.

The Driftwood has been offering impeccable service and accommodations to guests for years, building its superb reputation for making you feel like you and your enjoyment are the #1 priority, as it should be; yet at Driftwood they go above and beyond to ensure you really are enjoying your stay. From the heated pool, the tennis courts, fully equipped gym, bbq’s, movie nights and pilates on the beach, I was kept busy with all the amazing activities offered (I was even happy on rainy Driftwood days). My favorite amenity of course, being the private white sand beach (which allows for bonfires at night!) only footsteps away from my front door.

Curling my toes in the soft sand, resting my eyes upon the tranquil sea and disappearing sun behind bursts of reds and pinks, hearing the calming chatter of sea gulls nearby as my hair blows in the warm sea breeze; a euphorically amazing state of relaxation, thinking about how I was fortunate enough to find another “happy place” to rest my sometimes stressed out soul.  The term ‘escape’ took on a whole new meaning while I found I could no longer remember my worries; an unadvertised perk of the Driftwood.

Beach services are outstanding. The Cabana Staff are extremely nice, organized and attentive (Dean in one word ROCKS), making your trek to the beach more about your relaxation and enjoyment of all the beach has to offer and less about the work it takes to get there. Don’t worry about the lifting and carrying of items like chairs, umbrellas and towels…the dreaded setting up and and sunset break-downn – they do that for you.  Your priority becomes YOU…R&R, enjoyment of breathing in the fresh salty air and feasting your eyes upon panoramic views of pure beauty. Another wonderful beach amenity was a 90 minute,  amazing massage right near the water’s edge.  Talk about the ultimate get away!

When you book, be sure to keep abreast of the various events that are happening during your stay, such as concerts, fireworks, farmer’s markets, etc., that are hosted by the Montauk Chamber of Commerce. Rooms are comfortable, cozy and fully stocked with all the essentials (including Frette luxe towels), and I would know, I stayed in four different ones*! All of which delighted me and made me feel more than at home- in fact they made me feel better than home-a luxurious beach cottage “home”. Every request, whim, need and desire was granted by the front desk staff – Deniz and Tom go the extra mile to be  helpful – to the point, you want to ask them to join you for a BBC at Cyrils Fish House across the road after work (and noted, that I am actually guilty of wanting to hang out with them off duty).

Total bonus for the summer months? Fresh Direct DOES INDEED deliver to the Driftwood – making the kitchen/kitchenette even more useful if you come via the Hampton Jitney bus (which drops you off less then a 1/2 mile down the road in front of the (now closed) Sharehouse Restaurant).

To book with the Driftwood Resort located at 2178 Montauk Highway, Montauk, NY 11954, call  631-668-5744 or visit  http://www.driftwoodmontauk.com – and tell them Christabelle sent you!

*Décor and furniture differ depending on unit.

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