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Let’s face it, NYC living (or any city living for that matter) can be not only expensive, but cramped and at times not very “user friendly”…But our friends at Ikea have come to the rescue with some space-saving kitchen ideas that will make you jump for joy (and make your wallet sigh happily!).



Our client’s space came with a small kitchen – I mean SMALL…tiny, miniscule. And for a typical female, New Yorker, probably not a big deal – except, this client is a cooker. Not pop a can of soup in the microwave, but Food-Network-Iron-Chef create a magical meal from scratch cooker.


With a small addition of 2 Ikea Expedit bookcases (one Expedit 2 x 2 unit in white, bolted to the wall and one Expedit4×2 unit on its side), we were able to not only maximize existing wall space and otherwise wasted floor space, but created an ideal cutting surface and storage space for our queen of the kitchen. All for under $300!

With a small white shelf we also picked up at Ikea, we maximized the open space above the stove and moved the microwave. This opened up a large space for our client to install a countertop dishwasher.

Best of all – she was so happy with her kitchen make-over, she spent the money she saved on her home repairs for a kickin’ home cooked meal for the Christabelle team!

Thanks Parker – we hope you are in love with your new space as much as we are!

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