3 Top Hairstyle How-To’s from the 2014 Tony Awards…

The musical performances at the 2014 Tony Awards weren’t the only show-stoppers of the evening! Our favorite stars paired their gorgeous gowns with the most glamorous hairstyles we have seen this awards season. From Vera Farmiga’s 20’s-inspired bob to Maggie Gyllenhaal’s cropped coiff, Broadway’s brightest looked nothing less than their best Sunday night. Pureology Artistic Ambassador Natasha Sunshine shares her favorite looks of the evening and how you can recreate them in just a few simple steps.

3 Top Hairstyle How-To's from the 2014 Tony Awards...


  1. Start with clean, dry hair. Using a 1″ barrel curling iron, set 2″ x 2″ sections, winding away from the face in a candycane fashion.
  2. Spray each section with Pureology Strengthening Control Zero Dulling Hairspray before curling for a lasting effect. Continue until entire head has been set.
  3. Gently rake fingers through the hair to break up the style, leaving the strong curl definition intact.
  4. For the asymmetrical sleek side, use a dime-size amount of Pureology Piecing Sculpt fiber paste, emulsify product between palms and smooth back the side of your choice, tucking behind the ear or securing with two bobby pins.
  5. Finish off with a mist of Pureology Supreme Control High Hold Hairspray.


  1. Start with damp hair. Emulsify a dime-size amount of Pureology Piecing Sculpt fiber paste between palms and pat over entire head to ensure even distribution, and then scrunch remaining product into hair.
  2. Using your fingers, placed defined pieces around the fram of the face, twisting them into a flattering pattern. NOTE: This style looks best when uncontrived, so let go of making it too perfect!
  3. Finish by spraying with Pureology Supreme Control High Hold Hairspray.


  1. Start with damp hair. Apply a quarter-size amount of Pureology Nourishing Nectar sculpting gel, patting over entire head before raking the product through to scalp. You’ll know you’ve used enough product if hair feels moldable. If necessary, add another drop of product to hair.
  2. Comb through with a fine-tooth comb, ensuring that the product has been distributed to the tips of the hair.
  3. Choose the most flattering side and create a deep part.
  4. Smooth hair back into a low pony and secure with a thin hair band that matches the hair color.
  5. Finish by combing through the ends to give them a sharp edge.
  6. Add a dose of Pureology Supreme Control High Hold Hairspray to finish the style. NOTE: Starting with damp hair gives you a better read on how much product you need in the hair. If hair dries without enough product, the style may not hold up throughout a whole evening.




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