By Christabelle
I was president of my sorority, Alpha Xi Delta. For those of you who know me, you won’t be shocked to read that (nor will you even blink funny to know I was also a Girl Scout, cheerleading captain and a soccer mom in the making).  Back in the good ole days on the URI campus…pearls were the hottest accessory. I recall them even being paired with the following outfit: leggings, oversized plaid man-flannel, work boots and PEARLS (yes, we were trendsetters all right). I sadly have picture proof of this fashion trend, but please don’t request it.
However, my fondest pearl memory was with my sorority – we wore them to every meeting, every formal, every initiation ceremony and every composite picture. They were almost a part of the AZD uniform (as I am sure they were most sororities). Strands reminiscent of Wilma Flintstone’s, draped at our necklines 24/7. So much that I started to rebel against them after college and have been a bit “anti” since.
That is until I realized how many stunning pearl styles there are available now! Long gone are just those classic strands of pearls a la Stepford wives. Now there are breathtaking multi layer, illusion, tin cup, lariat and even colored pearls. I was shocked when I saw the selection available at Moon River Pearls (based ironically right near URI – had I only know then, what I know now! Alpha Xi Delta would have certainly be splashed with a bit more color around the neckline).
Moon River Pearls not only offers pages upon pages of styles, colors and variations of pearls on their website (necklaces, earrings, rings and even ankle bracelets), but also offers exceptionally affordable prices. That means that all of you sorority girls and brides-to-be now (thanks to me!) have a great resource to buy beautiful pearls that don’t bend your pocket-book too much. When I stumbled across PINK pearls, I couldn’t help but treat myself to one – a small token of love – to me, from me.
Don’t gift your bridal party novelty items that will never be worn again!  Give your gal pals something meaningful – something she can always wear and think of YOU.

For the cost of this Velveeta cheese tank:

You could have given your best friend since kindergarten this from Moon River Pearls:
Which do you think she would prefer?

The folks at Moon River Pearls are super friendly and helpful! Just give them a call (or e-mail) and they can help you find the perfect pearls for any occasion (they even make jewelry for kids!). With free shipping, free gift with purchase and free gift box…can you really go wrong? I think not.

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