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Wilderness Rocks
Fun adventures in the Catskills

I love shoes (you all already know this about me).  I even like THESE kinds of shoes – snowshoes (yes, you heard me right).

If you are looking for something new, different and fun to do this winter (with your gang or just your POC Partner in Crime), I found a great, economic getaway that is not only FUN, but a good workout. They have a delicious menu of outings available (does a Winter Hike and Winery Adventure or Campfires, Hot Cocoa…and Sauna sound yum-yum to you…yeah, me too!).

See you in the wilderness (I will be the cute brunette wearing red-bottom snowshoes…it could happen!).

–Brian, Bloomspot Staff Writer

Winter Hike and Winery Adventure with Wilderness Rocks (Catskills, NY)
Dust off your boots, slip on your gloves and don your hat for this winter hike in the woods and afternoon at a winery. Enjoy the sharp, chill, crisp air on this moderate day hike that will get your heart pumping—after all, that’s the best way to stay warm on a cold day! And if there is snow then we will tromp down the trail in snowshoes and enjoy a snowy hike.

Imagine swapping skyscrapers for towering pines. Trading stale subway air for an alpine breeze. Replacing honking horns with a crackling wood fire. City life is amazing, but sometimes we all need to get back in touch with nature—Wilderness Rocks gets you there.

Led by two intrepid adventurers (and their friendly pooch), Wilderness Rocks is all about appreciating the great outdoors. Whether you’re enjoying the idyllic beauty of a frozen waterfall or learning the art of snowshoeing through the forest, these guides create a fun, interactive experience for the entire group.

Convenient pick-up locations throughout New York City
(917) 566-0065

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christina carathanassis

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