From time and again, I like to play on the sensitive strings of my MASS (otherwise known as a Mass-hole) born and bred BFF from college. We feud over baseball (Yankees vs. Red Sox) – ice hockey back in the day (Rangers vs. Bruins) – and just the general lifestyle choices between New England and New York City. She had a baby – I sent an “I LOVE NY” onesie as a gift. I call her answering machine and leave the city sounds of car horns and fire engines. I have cabbies call her from my cell phone…I have fun – to say the least.

Well, now she has moved into a new home in Maine and I found the perfect housewarming gift for her from Fill-R-Up here on the Upper East Side.  A BASKET FULL OF NEW YORK CITY THEMED GIFTS 🙂

From the largest coffee mug I have ever seen (I think my face fits in it!) that bears our famous city logo, to I love NY key chains for her new set of house keys …she will not doubt be bittersweet about this delivery! Have I gotten the last word on our ongoing battle…we shall see what she comes up with to zing me back.

You want to send your BFF a very creative gift basket (NYC themed or not)?  Check out the brainchild of Amanda Poses, Fill-R-Up,  on the Upper East Side of NYC. Don’t live in NYC? Don’t fret! You can also shop via their website:

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