By JackieBelle
Chanukah has already started and Christmas is only three weeks away!  I don’t know how I manage to be so surprised every year, but I do.  It’s not like the holiday season darts all over the calendar for eleven months and then tries to trip me up at the last minute by winding up at the end of year.  (“Where will it land?  I don’t know!”)  No, the dates are permanently fixed on the calendar year after year, and yet every year in early December I still find myself wrinkling up my face with genuine perplexity and asking, “How did this happen?”  A few of those HUGE plans I had in mind to make this holiday the best one ever might have to wait, but there are a few small details that won’t have to go by the wayside just because I can’t predict when December will happen each year.  I can be chronologically challenged and still have a camera-ready smile in time for the big day!  If you find yourself in my predicament there are two magic words I will share with you- Rembrandt and Reach.  Rembrandt and Reach have unique, stylish, affordable and practical ways to celebrate the season with a smile!
Rembrandt has made it easy to make your pearly whites look their best and still shave some time off your holiday prep this year with their 2 Hour Whitening Kit- it’s clinically proven to visibly whiten teeth in just two hours, and with a price tag of less than $25, that’s a really nice price for whitening!  There is no accessory that will compliment your holiday ensembles more than a fantastic smile, and the deep, lush lipstick colors that are so popular this time of year were absolutely made for showing off the brightest, whitest smiles of the season!  Plus, since you’re free to roam around the house while you whiten, you can do double duty and use that time to stuff some stockings or bake some cookies or maybe even watch Elf one more time…
In keeping with the theme of having “A White Christmas” for your teeth, Reach is showing off some seriously stylish toothbrushes with their Reach by Design collection.  The limited-edition collection is curated by interior designers Tom Delavan and Celerie Kemble and celebrity stylist Brad Goreski, and they are available in stores now!  (You can laugh if you must about my excitement over toothbrushes, but don’t snicker until you see them!)  There are eight different styles available, and whether your bathroom décor calls for a super-mod stripe, a preppy madras print, or even a masculine-looking graphic pattern, Reach has something for everyone.  Toothbrushes happen to be one of my favorite stocking stuffers, and now I can stuff with style!
$3.49 (1 ct) and $5.99 (2 ct)

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