Let the Pleasure Prune You…by AnaBelle

There is nothing more relaxing than a hot shower after a long day at work…that is of course, if you have Moen shower heads on your side.  For years I boasted about the shower head in my bathroom…it gets the soap out easily, it has nice rainfall effect and it even retarded hard water build-up. But I was wrong. My shower was NOTHING until I installed the new Moen Inspire Showerhead.

With a chrome finish, a 9″ diameter rainshower, and Moen’s advanced, self- pressurizing Invigorain™ rainshower technology (which channels water through the showerhead with three times more spray power than most rainshowers), don’t be shocked if I spend my nights “washing my hair” rather than going out to party.

I hear the only thing that might top the Moen Inspire is the Moen Isabel model and I am ready for the “shower-off”!

Available for $129 at Lowes.com and HomeDepot.com

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