By JackieBelle

For the Ladies…

Holidays are always a good time to get decked out, dressed up, and gorgeous!  When else can you wear tinsel and call it an accessory?  (Other than at your cousin Maria’s wedding reception, which we will not talk about- at least not until we get to the chapter on “Why Your Cousin Maria Doesn’t Call You Anymore.”)  A great way to begin your holiday season feeling beautiful is to start at your fingertips with a manicure in one of the specialty shades that only come around once a year.  Duri Cosmetics has a dazzling line of nail polishes that will help get you ready to celebrate the season in style!  With striking shades and fun, festive names like All That Glitters, Pure Ice, and Night Before Christmas, a holiday mani and pedi is the perfect way to feel festive right down to your toes!  Duri Cosmetics make great stocking stuffers, and they’re inexpensive enough that you could easily meet your office’s $10 limit for the Secret Santa Swap.  (Anybody who has ever received a flashlight-keychain combo or a decorative coffee mug filled with stale specialty tea knows how nice it is to receive a Secret Santa present that you actually like.)  You could even give one for each day of Chanukah and still have money left over to go out and show them off!

Let’s Not Leave the Guys Out in the Cold…

Ladies are not the only ones who want to get all buffed and beautiful for the holidays, and Hey Dude Skin Care has just the thing for guys who want to get in on the action.  Hey Dude is supplying today’s men with the skin care products they need to look and feel great- after all, mommy might not have been seen kissing Santa Claus if Santa didn’t take such good care of his skin!  Hey Dude’s premium line of products is designed to give the modern man the essential tools he needs to combat the natural effects of aging and external conditions affecting his skin, and since they are made and packaged especially for men, he won’t have to sneak around the gym locker room trying to hide his bottle of Lovely Lady Lotion or whatever lacy-soundy product he has been using.  Made from high quality organic ingredients like hyaluronic acid and essential nutrients, it’s a gentle way for guys to protect, repair, and maintain their skin, and because of the cold, dry air that comes with winter, it’s the perfect time for guys to begin a new skin care regimen- so bring them into the loop and let them know about Hey Dude, or wrap some up and give it as a gift!  Help the guys on your list go from Dud to Dude this holiday season and put some Hey Dude Skin Care on your winter shopping list!

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