Mamma dealt with your drama…now drape her in these fab 8 pressies…

Jewelry is one of the best gifts when it comes to letting someone know that you love them, you appreciate them, and they are special to you. Mother’s Day is a special holiday to show your gratitude for the women in your life who have shown you unconditional love, taken care of you in your times of need, and made sacrifices to ensure that YOU become the best you can be. Honor and thank her and buy her these GORGE pressies for Mom’s Day (smile and squeal guaranteed when opened).


1. NYC’s Jill Golden has a very inspirational hand-made jewelry collection called Isaro, that offers unique jewelry pieces unlike any that your mother may already own. Perfect for those who enjoy cultured pieces, hand crafted in a special manner with great attention to detail. Jill’s Isaro line is comprised of hand-woven beaded pieces with Japanese glass beads, Swarovski crystals and lambskin suede. This collection is being produced in Rwanda, Africa through a partnership with INDEGO AFRICA, and each piece is hand signed by the Artisan, SRP $214.

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Mamma Jewels

2. Amy Conway’s Mantra Collection for a spiritual touch
Amy Conway created The Mantra Collection to contain Mantra’s ( words or phrases that hold a significant meaning to someone) That would inspire, soothe the soul and bring happiness to the jewelry holder. What words do you believe hold significance with your mother? Our pick is the “Love Connects Us” Square Band found here, SRP$125

3. A Piece from Origami Owl proving dreams come true
This jewelry company was founded by 14 year-old Bella with just $350, who wanted her company to be a ‘force of good’. Her business blossomed becoming very popular, with each piece resembling the power of following your dreams. Show your mother you believe in her dreams with this gift from the Living Lockets collection; We love the Large Silver Mom Heart Plate, just $10!

4. A piece from Kris Nations New Collection, inspired by the designers’ biggest role model- their mother!
To show their mother their love and appreciation her, the sister designers of Kris Nations created jewelry based on what she would wear. They wanted their consumers to resemble their stylish, ‘graceful, worldly and confident’ mother and did so by created a very chic jewelry line that is far from being just another trend. Show your mother that she also radiates a woman of grace and confidence by getting her one of their newest pieces! We love the Ojai Sunburst Necklaces in different colors, SRP $70

5. The Art of Henri fine jewelry for the mother who appreciates the finer things in life
Art of Henri’s designers are a mother and daughter duo, who hand create their fine jewelry and get inspiration from a family history of artists, jewelers and sculptors. Their pieces are perfect for a mother who enjoys and appreciates fine art and jewelry. Our pick is the Rose Colored Glasses in Rhodium Locket, (SRP $1,326), part of the Three Wishes Lockets Collection

6. KPBracelets for the Stylishly Bold Mother
If your mother enjoys wearing pieces that make a bold fashion statement, we recommend a fierce bracelet by KPBracelets via The Collecte. Our favorite is pictured below, a luminous leather cuff with 5 rows of blue beads, sure to empower any of your mother’s outfits, SRP $150.

7. A Peace4Animals Pendant For The Animal Loving Mother
If your mother is an activist for the protection, rights and love of animals, she will certainly appreciate a jewelry piece that represents just that! An Animal Welfare Organization “Peace4Animals” works to protect all animals as well as educate the public on treating all animals humanely. They provide insight on things such as on the power of rescuing animals and ways to create a world where we and animals coexist peacefully. With the jewelry pieces, a percentage of the purchase goes to different animal programs with the various jewelry pieces that can be bought. By sporting a piece from this designer, your mother will be letting people know her stance on animal rights while at the same time have made a donation to help out the cause. For mothers, we love the Silver Tiger Pendant with Diamonds in the eyes ( including a third eye).- 20% of purchase goes to the Satpuda Tiger Conservation program in India. Tigers represent majesty as well as strength and are protectors for their young, just like our mothers 🙂 SRP, $875

8. Campbell Collection very darling and classy style rings, for a darling, classy mother
Michelle Campbell’s  Campbell Collection offers pieces that are breathtaking and timeless, in colors that are soft and natural such as nudes, golds, rose and light corals that subtly, yet perfectly able to tie together accessories and outfits. We could not choose between these two rings, so we chose them both for our gift guide! The first is the gold-plated Green House ring, that offers a subtle sparkle beneath the ‘roof’ of the ring, SRP $175 (this is Christabelle’s FAVE!). The second is the Gold Plated Floating Stacker Ring, $325 and comes in 3 different colors. (my fave!)

Happy Momma’s Day! xo


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