So I have never really been a “celeb-raholic” – oh sure – I run to my mailbox when I know my issue of US Weekly has arrived. And I get morning emails from every day. But these are more ways to satiate my love of Pop Culture…not because I long to see, touch and stalk celebrities.

John Ritter as Jack Tripper

John Ritter as Jack Tripper

A  bit jaded from being in the “biz” for so long – I am rarely moved by the existence of celebrities in my presence – with the exception of meeting John Ritter before his untimely (and just SAD!) death at the Emmy Awards in 2002. That had my knees knocking for weeks (comon’ – didn’t everyone have a crush on Jack Tripper?!?)

But as I sat in Montauk over July 4th weekend with my man, eating way too much food at the Gig Shack (yes, you all know by now I am obsessed with the place – which BTW introduced a kick ass Carrot Cake this season) – in walks DAVID SCHWIMMER. I am a Friend’s LOVER – have been since the first episode, so it was a total treat to see him in the flesh. However, who walked in NEXT threw me over the celeb-reality cliff!

Bethany Frankel - Real Housewives of NYC

Bethenny Frankel – Real Housewives of NYC

BETHENNY FRANKEL (from the Real Housewives of NYC) strolls in as fabulous as can be with her boyfriend. Though perhaps I should be a bit ashamed that reality TV entertains me as much as it does, I’M JUST NOT – at least not in this instance. Common’ – those are ladies that live in MY CITY – which makes it MY REALITY.  Bethenny was the sole reason I watched the entire season -religiously . In a nutshell – she made me PEE. She should quit nutrition and hop on the SNL train. Her dry humor and incessant mockery of the other cast members had me rolling time and time again.  Getting to see her cute self (in ADORABLE Lilly Pulitzer capri pants no less – a Christabelle’s Closet staple!) was awesome…and I got to tell my Real Housewives obsessed friend Shane that I had a close encounter of the Frankel kind at the Gig Shack- while she was munching baguettes in France. She cursed a lot – I think she has been in Paris too long.  I should have passed her my card, in hopes she would consign her designer wardrobe with us…but alas…stalking is just NOT my thing (thank goodness – right????).

And then – in walks Matt Dillon…is it weird that I was more excited to see Bethany in the flesh? One to ponder. I nudged Phil (my honey) to give him the celebrity alert and in true form –  he didn’t recognize any of them. He can spot the make, model and year of a guitar from clear across a room and recite lyrics to Zappa music in his sleep. Celebs – not so much.  I think I will torture him with an E! marathon this weekend to prep him for our next adventure out east…

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