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Any good New Yorker knows the trick to surviving your apartment building in the winter, is to turn off your heat and keep the window cracked. Right?  The winter heater-that-you-can’t-control can become almost as unbearable as Mother Nature’s summer swelter.  Well, solution is here…thanks to my FAVORITE VACUUM PEOPLE…Dyson, of course.

The Dyson Air Multiplier fan is a standout for its sleek bladeless, loop design and lack of exposed  blades, which makes it fun to look at, easy to clean and safe for children and pets. The ultra stylish and cool bladeless fan is available in sleek colors like blue & iron and silver & white. Unlike conventional fans that are wired to run at just two or three settings, the Dyson Air Multiplier is powered by an energy efficient brushless motor and adjustable air speed. And because its motor is at its base, the Dyson Air Multiplier fan can be tilted with a touch, unlike a top-heavy fan, which needs to be positioned with two hands and can topple easily.

Until today, conventional electric fans have gone largely unchanged. The fundamental problem has remained the same for more than 125 years; the blades chop the air creating an uneven airflow and unpleasant buffeting.

The Dyson Air Multiplier™ fan is available in 10-inch models for $299.99 and $329.99 for the 12-inch model at

Cool. Very Cool…no pun intended.

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