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Red-loving salon clients and their stylists, rejoice! The new Matrix COLORINSIDER High Intensity Red collection produces gorgeous, pure, cool red shades with visible intensity and incomparable longevity.  Now Matrix haircolor clients can expect their salon-gorgeous red color to stay truer for up to 8 weeks*.  These pure, cool red shades brilliantly round out the beautiful existing copper- and violet-toned reds in the ammonia-free COLORINSIDER palette, meeting every demand of discerning color professionals and their clients.


The Science: PR6 Technology
Thanks to innovative haircolor technology, color professionals have an exciting new option to work with cool, pure-toned reds that aren’t muted by traces of copper or prone to fading. These shades offer the ultimate in intensity, vibrancy and longevity.

The newly patented PR6 Technology that powers the Matrix COLORINSIDER High Intensity Red took eight years of research to perfect. This technology is the key to the long-lasting vibrancy of the new High Intensity Red: it features a unique, six-sided, extended molecule structure. The PR6 size and multi-dimensional structure means that it is able to withstand unwanted interference from other, background tones within the hair .  Yet, while the molecule is larger in size , it is still small enough to penetrate deep into the hair shaft, shot to the core via  Color Injection ODS² .What’s more, these molecules are able to couple with other dyes, a “safety in numbers” situation that prevents them from being diluted or eliminated with shampooing. The result? The new High Intensity Red are the colorist’s “holy grail”—cool reds that stay truer for up to eight weeks*!

The Shades
The three new Cool, Red Violet plus shades contained in the High Intensity Red collection—4RV+, 5RV+ and 6RV+–represent the next generation in red haircolor, and offer colorists a brand new, exciting, exceptionally long-lasting, red palette.

The Color
Matrix COLORINSIDER precision permanent no-ammonia color features the unique ODS2 technology that propels color actives directly to the hair’s core for high resolution impact and color that is true, sharp and saturated. The result is shiny, healthy hair with no unpleasant odor.

The High Intensity Red collection joins the comprehensive portfolio of COLORINSIDER shades, providing stylists and their clients with an endless array of healthy, effective, state-of-the-art haircolor options.

The new shades will be available in salons in March of 2014.

*Based on 40 shampoos

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