kiehls apothecary preparations productsSkin News: Customized Skin Care with Kiehl’s Apothecary Preparations

Your face not only has your unique look, it has unique skin care needs. Now they can be met with tailor-made skin care concentrates available in select Kiehl’s Since 1851 stores.  Each personalized, customized Apothecary Preparations facial concentrate is composed of three distinct parts: the base-a Skin Strengthening Concentrate-and two individually selected Targeted Complexes. These are determined through a new, elevated consultation and diagnosis, then affixed with personalized labels for you to use at home.

How It Works

Step 1: Expert Consultation: Using a dermatologist-inspired Skin Atlas, a Kiehl’s Customer Representative (KCR) guides customers to assess and rank the severity of their skin concerns. The result of this consultation helps the KCR select two essential Targeted Complexes for the customer’s unique formula.

Step 2: Personalization: The two skin-specific Complexes are selected to accompany the Skin Strengthening Concentrate, and the customer’s bottle and box are personalized with his or her name, the details of the personal formula, and directions for use.

The Skin Strengthening Concentrate is made up of mostly squalane-an oil derived from olives-and Skin Lipid Complex-a blend of botanical oils rich in unsaturated fatty acids to offer essential emolliency, skin replenishment and hydration. They fortify, hydrate and help protect the barrier for healthier skin. It’s a powerful, special blend of efficacious yet gentle ingredients clinically proven to protect skin.

The five Targeted Complexes are Wrinkle Reducing, with Retinol Concentrate and Pro-Retinol; Texture Refining, with Vitamin F and Liphydroxy Acid; Visible Redness Neutralizing, with Sunflower Seed Extract and Vitamin E; Pore Minimizing, with Samphira Extract and Salicylic Acid; and Brightening, with Vitamin C and Scotch Pine Extract.

Anyone interested in Apothecary Preparations can visit a store in which it’s available or schedule an appointment in advance.

Further information, including store locations, is at

Be the best you that you can be with the help of skin care designed for your face’s unique needs.


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